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    Mower deck height moving

    Hi All, The design of the lifting and setting of mower on BX is a bad one. It will create problems and need constant adjustments. Mine is reasonably working after I modified the adjusting bolt to high tensile, welded two nuts on the fork and polish and grease the side of the arm it is in...
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    How I repair linkadge on BX2360 mmm

    Hi All, Two weeks ago I decided to repair or redesign the linkage on mmm of my Kubota BX2360, after many month of frustration with mmm. The knob was impossible to turn and adjustments on the bolt did not last and fail. Last time the bolt was bent. After careful examination I decided to repair it...
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    mmm problems

    mmm problems. The settings the high on mmm by the turning knob is always difficult and need constant adjustments. Design is so stupid and I am surprise Kubota did not change it and recall the existing tractors for upgrade. I have no more time to waste and do it myself, like I did other...
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    Synthetic Oil

    Hi All, In most cases sticking with factory recommended oil change guarantee a good outcome. Most common brand of oils are very high quality these days and you don't achieve much by swapping to synthetic in the early life of the engine. And for you general information do you really know what...
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    Belly mower cutting height adjustment

    Hi All, mmm on Bx is a bad design and you will be doing the fixing time and time again. I did have number of lawn tractors with mmm, but Kubota Bx is the worst. Regards Frank
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    Kubota Rotary Belly Mower RCK54-29B

    Hi All, The mmm and three point hitch design is as primitive and stupid as it can be. Even properly adjusted it does not stay. The components are under designed; workmanship is bad, specially welding. I finally have enough and start to modify the whole set up. You should be able to operate one...
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    50 Hour Oil Change--What Oil to Use?

    Hi All, Teflon in the oil sticks to all metals and prevents dry contact between. 25 years ago, maybe even longer, they tested Teflon additive in Australia. They run a car with added Teflon in the engine oil from Melbourne to Sydney. Then they drain the oil from engine and run it back to...
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    50 Hour Oil Change--What Oil to Use?

    Hi All, I use common brands of oil, as the climate where we live is very mild even in winter. What I use for last 15 years is a Nulon additive, which contains Teflon. Since then I have not had to rebuild any machine. I put it in all my diesel engines and hydraulic transitions. Regards Frank
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    Problems with 54"mmm on 2360

    Hi All, Yesterday, I decided to sharpen the blades on 54”mmm of my Kubota 2360. How can anybody designed mmm so stupid way, to attach it to small tractor, is beyond believe. I cannot turn the wheels on the side of mmm because shafts were frozen solid by rust. After bashing them out, I clean...
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    Tranny oil strainer, hardest to sevice item on B6100

    Hi all, what oil you going to put in? The options are Hydraulic fluid, agrioil (suitable for engine and transition including HST, or 10W-30W engine oil. My preference is engine oil, even synthetic for maximum protection. Cheap price is result of big volume of production and number of brands...
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    OEM replacement costs

    Hi All, Cutting tree down near the same level as the ground, aiming the end of bar down towards centre of the tree does not damage my chain or bar. I have one Chinese saw, especially for this job, cost $80 on line and when it is near repair I buy new one. There is a chain with tungsten tip...
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    OEM replacement costs

    Hi All, when I cut the trees I clean around the bottom of the trunk, possibly wash by garden hose and cut around the trunk aiming my chainsaw bar in the ground. Then push the tree over. This way I end up with hole in the ground and no stump. This is not always possible on the hills, but...
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    BX with Auto-Connect MMM Deck. When?

    Hi All, I don’t have pictures of the modifications as yet, but after I modify suspension of my very uncomfortable seat, if successful, I get all modification on this site. Also my pneumatic 2” staple gun for farm fencing, cost $20 and bit of time to modify attachment for staples. Regards Frank
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    BX with Auto-Connect MMM Deck. When?

    Hi All, problem with flimsy plastic part covers is that all the sticks, grass and of cuts accumulate in the twin belt cavity and easily damage the $100+ belt. To stop that it needs to cover the rest of the belt like it was on 30 year old designed Arians. And also proper step on support for foot...
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    BX with Auto-Connect MMM Deck. When?

    Hi All, I would not hold my breath, there are more pressing problems with the mmm, like proper covers for mowers twin belts. I have made modification on my BX and sent to Kubota, they have no interest in improvements. Regards Frank
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    new bx2370-1 1.4 hrs small problem

    Hi All, I have Bx2360, last year model, very similar to yours. After using Ariens 17 mower for 20 years I am a bit spoiled. I find Kubota has few design problems and mmm control is one of them. I have improved if a bit, but it will be always be hard to adjust. I have smooth up the surface of the...
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    Need Help from Kabota experianced operators

    Hi All, this is a problem where engaged selector is not lock in properly. This should be addressed after the first time. Kubota is a difficult company to deal with in my personal experience. Because it is a safety issue it is a serious fault. In my experience if I descend a steep slope I always...
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    Belly Mower Problem

    Hi All, this raising and locking of the mower deck is bad design and I have sent email to Kubota a year ago. No reply. I have to fix mine by welding new bigger nut and put bigger, longer bolt. Even now it is not easy to twist the dial if you sitting on the seat. But at least it is working now...
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    L3800 broken fuel filter body

    Hi all, on my B24 I have similar problem with fuel filter. It has been ripped off by front wheel as I was turning with new tyres and crossed the gutter. Clearance is so small. I have repaired it by putting metal plate behind the plastic bracket and glue it together. Then I have repositioned...
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    Mid mount mower experience

    Hi Paulemar, thanks for solving problem with the photos, I have been terribly busy now before Christmas and that was one of my shortcomings. Today we have hot day 37°C and I have to cut grass around house about 4 acres. Kubota runs perfect, did not overheat and I was interested how is the...