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    B2650 wheel spacers

    It depends on if you have a MMM or not, I have the 60” and could only fit the 2” but it really helps out. I think they are the same as the B series, if you send a note to Bro-Tek they will tell you the right part and price. I believe I paid $280 for mine about 6 months ago. Reach out to...
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    Current protests and rioting

    We are so smart in MN, that the Minneapolis city council committed to defund the real plan on how they were going to make the changes & keep everyone safe. Glad I am out in the burbs where our police and sheriff are appreciated.
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    Cordless Grease Guns

    I vote get one when you can, and all the major brands are good get the one you have batteries for. I grabbed a M18 for Milwaukee batteries and it cuts the grease time significantly which I wasn’t expecting. It is now so easy it gets done every 10 hours whether the loader was really used or...
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    Loader lift capacity

    I went from a BX to a B2650, unless you have some big boulders the B will do what you are looking for. I would look at the 10K and pick up a grapple and other attachments. Where in MN are you? I work with Lano in Ramsey and they have been very helpful & honest answering my questions.
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    Do any of yinz

    I think the big difference is the loader attachment, the LX will be the remove from the seat and quick attach manifold like the 80 series BX vs the get off to drop the legs and 4 individual couplers. To me not much difference and I actually can do the re-install much faster on the old style. For...
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    Trash Cans

    I like the bucket mount, but here is an option for the 3 point. I was looking into it for the lake property. Best of luck with your choice.
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    Trailer Ramp Assist

    I put something on my utility trailer as my Dad uses it & the ramp was also very heavy & I didn’t want him to get hurt. I think it was Gorilla Assist, it does need to have a rail to attach to so it can help. Once it was installed I can raise with very little effort. Link to home page, looks...
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    Maui sunset this week, would have been nice to see a few more.
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    B2650 with a 60” bucket-need Reversible Cutting Edge

    I have had a Piranha TB on 3 tractors and wouldn’t be without now. There is a copy / improved version from EA. They use a harder steel I believe, but the Pirahna from BXPanded has worked well for the last 5 years for me.
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    Box blade help

    If you are only looking to take care of the road then the land plane is the way to go, but if you need to level any area or move soil the box blade will be better. Great to have both, but if you have a use for more than clean up start with a BB. I have a hydraulic top link and it really helps...
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    Comparing Bucket Tooth Attachments

    I have both, started with the ratchet rake when I had a ToolCat, works great as mentioned for brush removal, leveling and final grade in prep for seeding. I did about an acre or so at the lake with it. When I downsized to the BX25D I added the Pirahna and it really helped in the digging aspect...
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    New Way Forward act

    Sad that it is true, most brain dead plan I have heard of. Guess we don’t need laws anymore.
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    Improvements for a Perfect BX ...?...

    Position control would improve the BX a lot. I upgraded to a B this last fall and didn’t realize what I was missing, the wider axle would also be a plus.
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    72" Land Pride GS1572 or 72" EA Land Shark 5.1

    I have the Landpride GS1560, would say the EA is better built but unless you are using commercially I don’t think you will notice the difference. Either will last you a lifetime and then some. If they are close in price and EA were in stock I would go that route, but when you need it and the...
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    2 speed BX vs 3 speed B ...?...

    Going from memory on this one, I would say the L is about the same, the BX H is close to the B M (just a little faster), and the B H is much quicker but a big hill will slow it down if doing much. I found it really isn’t much of a difference unless you were to travel on the road to often.
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    BXpanded quick attach on BH77 backhoe. Who is using it?

    I had one on my BX23S and never an issue, it made life easy when swapping buckets & the ripper. Made very strong too.
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    RB1672 vs RB2672

    I went with the 2672 for my B2650 and have only used a little but it seems to be the right size. For snow only the 84 might be ok, but would be afraid it might pull me to the side.
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    Woodmaxx sb-60

    I run the Landpride 64” on my B2650 with no issues, I used last weekend to take down a huge pile left by the plow. It was full of large ice chunks, had to break down with the loader and then blow the piles. With about 15” of snow it had no issues in medium range. I would make sure it is at the...
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    Adjustable lift arm

    Call Messik’s parts guy can find one, for my B2650 it was $109 + shipping. I like it, still want to do the tilt part of the TnT. Have the top done, but need to order the cylinder for the side link.
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    Woodmaxx 60" Snowblower

    Looks nice, now that you have it we won’t get any snow :) I picked up the land pride 64” just to make sure.