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  1. NoBiffBetter

    700 hr. Kubota BX- Changing the engine oil and showing worn out/broken parts (Giving a 700 hour review)

    Hey guys made this quick video of changing the oil on my Kubota BX. It has 700 very hard worked hours on it so I also walk you guys around and give you my opinion on how things have been holding up and showing you which parts are worn out and need replacement after 700Hrs. Let me know if any of...
  2. NoBiffBetter

    Clearing land with my Kubota BX

    Hey guys made this video yesterday, it’s been awhile since I posted to this forum as life has just been hectic during this pandemic. I hope you all are staying safe! Virus or not, at least we can all still go outside and have fun on our equipment to escape for awhile! LINK...
  3. NoBiffBetter

    First job of the year with my Kubota BX (Grading work)

    Hey guys had my first job of the year on Sunday. Couldn***8217;t wait to get back to doing side work with my Kubota BX. In this video I: -Grease + Go through my tractor -Fix my trailer wiring + get it hooked up to my truck for the very first time -Load up all the equipment I***8217;m taking...
  4. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota BX Fuel Filter Mod (Step By Step!)

    Hey guys I made a video for all of you who have been wanting to do a fuel filter mod on your Kubota BX but didn***8217;t really know how to go about it.. I did a step by step instruction the entire way through and edited it all down into a 30 minute video...hopefully this also helps get this mod...
  5. NoBiffBetter

    Plowing some snow with my (Stacked) Kubota bx

    Made this video yesterday MOD EDIT: Not answering my PM's on posting issue matters will get a member banned!
  6. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota BX exhaust stack mod! (First ever?!)

    Ok so before people start telling me it was a stupid idea.. the main reason I did this was because I enjoy fabrication work and more or less just wanted to see IF it would be possible and how hard it would be to do. I also wanted to be one of the first guys to ever put a stack pipe on a Kubota...
  7. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota BX slow HST pedal fix/adjust

    Hey guys made this video to show how to fix your slow HST pedal.. or maybe you just want to get more speed out of your Kubota bx this video will show you how to do that as well! I also show future mods that will be coming soon, I am going to be adding a Vertical...
  8. NoBiffBetter

    Plowing snow with my Kubota bx2370 the new LA340 loader in action!

    We finally got some decent snow again yesterday so I made a quick plow video; let me know what you guys think! Video: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. NoBiffBetter

    Build your own Heavy-Hitch weight bracket!

    Hey guys for anyone who is wanting a suitcase style weight bracket for the rear of their 3-point hitch similar to what “Heavy-Hitch” makes .. I made this video to show you how I built mine, and also show the measurements I used as well. Hopefully this helps someone out, I have roughly $80...
  10. NoBiffBetter

    Best + Cheapest all around Sub-Compact tractor tire!

    Hey guys made a video on the Carlisle WT300 tractor tire. I made a thread on this tire about 1.5 years ago on this forum and now I finally got around to editing and uploading the video as well to give people more of a visual and explanation of why I feel these are one of the best tires around...
  11. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx plowing a path and dozing trees

    Had a couple decent sized trees fall down the other day in a windstorm blocking the path to my back woods so I got the old Kubota out to help solve the problem. VIDEO: If you guys enjoyed please like a subscribe I’m trying to build my channel. My occupation is...
  12. NoBiffBetter

    Plowing up to 2’ drifts with my Kubota bx

    Hey guys we finally got our first (decent) snow fall the other day so I made another plow video Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see I would greatly appreciate it! Video: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. NoBiffBetter

    Quick video I made about the BX2380 bucket level indicator

    Wasn’t sure where I should post this.. just trying to reach out to people who either don’t know this exists or people who aren’t sure how it works or how to install it as it is an added option you must buy. Will fit the new LA340/344 loaders for the BX 2380, 2680, 23S ETC. Video Link...
  14. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx 2380 bucket level indicator

    Hey guys, one of my viewers wanted me to do a video on the LA340\344 bucket level indicator for the Kubota bx2380, bx2680, and 23S so I made this video. Apparently nobody has made a video talking about Kubota a new level indicator yet, how it works, and how to install it so I made this video...
  15. NoBiffBetter

    Lifting my skidsteer cab with my Kubota BX 2370

    Hey guys this is a video I made from yesterday using my Kubota bx to lift the cab on my skidsteer, cab weighs over 1000lbs and it didn’t have shocks on it to help assist so I needed to use my Kubota bx to help the cab come up to install the new gas shock. Video Link...
  16. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx first plow of the season

    Hey guys finally had our first real snowfall where I live got about 1’ of snow. Made my first plowing video of the year, let me know what you guys think and like and subscribe if you dig it. Thanks. Video: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx pressure relief valve testing + adjusting

    If there’s anyone out there looking to get more power out of their Kubota bx front end loader like I was then feel free to check out this video, I explain what the relief valve does and how to adjust it and what you need to know once you do adjust it. (HINT- More ballast!)...
  18. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx leveling ground + filling low spots

    Hey guys just thought I’d share my video with you guys of me filling in a bunch of low spots on my property with some (very wet) top soil I had sitting around. Here’s the link: Video 1 Here’s the link: Video 2...
  19. NoBiffBetter

    My Kubota bx winch setup

    Hey guys just thought I would share this with you, I had a few friends and other people asking me about my winch setup in my Kubota bx so I made a quick video explaining how I did it and how I use it. Video link: Figured I’d post it on this...
  20. NoBiffBetter

    Kubota bx- Faulty Block heater

    My block heater went bad on my Kubota bx last winter.. was pretty disappointing as it was only 1/2 a year old if that and it was only 1/2 way through its first winter when it failed. (I believe this was due to the polar vortex and the extreme cold) either that or I just got a bad one. Here’s...