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    Landpride Tiller Lateral Adjustment

    Trying to do a three point lateral adjustment without removing the implement. Too much tension right adjustment arm will not budge. Had the same tension on the three point blade, had a tip to place 2x4 under blade to remove pressure. Tried that with tiller, no soap. Do I need to disconnect...
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    G 52l0 Throttle Lever Removal

    I need to remove the throttle lever on my G 5200 lawn tractor. I think I need to anyway, trying to access the wiring under the instrument panel and I dont see how the instrument panel will come off untill the throttle lever is removed. My problem is the mower just flat stopped running. I have...
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    G52000 temp gage

    Just wondering if anyone retrofitted a temp gage on G5200. If so I would be interested and appreciative for info. Thanks
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    Trailering 3901

    Looking for acceptable connection points to trailer 3901. Thinking a heavy duty clevis in the rear draw bar with Grade 70 5/16". Not to sure recommendation for front end with loader/bucket. Thanks
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    G5200 Mower Deck RC 48 G

    Hello Again, I just struggled a good bit placing the mower deck back on the rear tractor control arms......first shot at it. I have the original tractor and mower deck operating manuals. The mower operating manual on page 6 shows the control arms coming down to the rear of the deck easily, but...
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    Treating Mower Decks

    Planning to treat my G5200 mower deck with POR 15. Lots of surface rust and patches, but still serviceable. I tested some rusty area and that stuff dries hard. Thought I would check and see if anyone has a better idea. thanks
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    Looking for Mower Deck G5200

    If anyone has a good mower deck that will fit G5200, please PM Smokeless. Thanks
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    G5200 Wont Start

    Kinda stuck and really dont have a good working knowledge on this D600 engine. We used the tractor this past summer and parked unheated garage. Had trouble starting as cooler temps creeped in and now in the 20s, no soap. QUESTION: Should I be reading a full 12v at the glo plug with the key...
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    Just inherited my Dads Kubota G 5200 3 cylinder diesel Lots of hours (3600) but it runs well. Dad mowed a large lawn, but I only have a small area to do and I cant see selling it for $500 or $600 dollars. It does have a transmission oil seal leaking by the rear axle, but it is ever so slight...
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    HST Transmission Oil

    Any intel what type transmission fluid/oil comes in these Kubota 3901? thanks
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    Slide On fork receiver hitch problem

    Boy was I surprised. This am decided to fab a slide on receiver hitch for my forks. Everything went ok until I tried to lift me trailer. I is fairly loaded with scrap metal but nothing that heavy and their is not much tongue weight to start with. Anyway when I hooked it to the receiver trailer...
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    Loader Bucket in Float

    Am I correct the loader 525 float option raises the bucket slightly off the ground surface??? Trying to move snow without gouging surface, thanks
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    Another Regen

    Regen at 154hrs, then another at 162 hrs. Am assuming I am letting it warm up too long in this cooler weather. My approach was waiting till the temp gauge moved good after idle at 1500rpms, then move to 2200rpms. Maybe just a good 5 minute warm up would suffice, or should I wait till temp gauge...
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    Still lov'n 3901

    Sitting on 157hrs and teens projected this weekend. Decided to change oil so I opted for 10-30 due to cold weather. No block heater so thought lower viscosity might help. At 49hrs I used 15-40. Will revert back to it come warm spring/summer days. Guy told me 10-30 not necessary and I believe...
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    HST Whine

    Setting on 122 hours, new Feb 18. Followed the book and at 50hrs changed engine oil, filter and transmission filter only. HST seems whining a little louder. Seen a post where that calms down some after couple fluid changes. If i read service matrix correctly it is not due until 200 hours...
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    Fork extenders

    I have the need to reach couple items in my barn. Read a thread here some time back bout extending the forks with 10ft 4inch ID pvc. Well 4 inch wont fit over my forks. Would maybe bale spear work. Items weigh no more than 100lbs but i need to reach bout 10ft. Thoughts please Added: just to...
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    3901 HST transmission oil change

    My operator manual indicates transmission filter change at 50hrs, then every 200. Popped in to the dealer and told them i changed engine oil/filter and transmission filter. Was immediately asked if i changed transmission oil. I said no, manual only instructed to change filter at 50hrs. I am...
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    Fuel Additive

    Believe i am (was) wrong. Have been defending Sea Foam for some time as an deisel additive to stabilize fuel and clean fuel system. It does work good on my gas engines including marine equipment. Now i am moving to Cummins Endorsed Power Service. Sure appears value added to these orange...
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    Three point LOG Splitter to L 3901

    I have a three point hydraulic log splitter we use to run off the rear remotes of a Farmall 300. Have since sold the 300. Have owned 3901 for a little over 1 year and we would like to understand options to connect it to the the log splitter. I have yet to study whats involed for rear remotes...
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    4th Regen

    1st regen 18 hrs. 2nd 45 hrs 3rd 78 hrs 4th 87.7. This one surprised me. Maybe to much warm up in cold weather @ 1500 rpms. Anyone else experience this? I ran it about 2200 after cold warm, but maybe i should have advanced to pto. In cold weather i normally let it warm until needle reflects...