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    Help with L2600DT Hydraulic Fluid Change Please

    Hello Friends, I am hoping someone has a L2600DT or knowledge of one can help. I want to make sure I have all the hydraulic fluid removed. This is a 4 wheel drive. I have drained what seems to be about 5+ gallons out from the 24mm drain plug in the transmission. Is there another drain(s) and...
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    L2600DT 4WD Selling Advice

    Hello, If I could get some advice about how to price my tractor, I would greatly appreciate it. It is a 2001 L2600DT 4WD with 480 hours. It's in good condition and everything works except the headlight is broken. The tractor has some sun fade and rust in places, but nothing major. I'm...
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    L2600DT tire pressure?

    I have searched on the site, but can't find tire pressure anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Help me with starter lubrication after rebuild/cleaning

    My Kubota is a 2600 DT with Hitachi starter. I have cleaned everything and I'm ready to put it back together with a new starter plate. I need help with what kind of lubrication to use, where, and how much. Thanks.
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    Need to purchase new starter for L2600DT

    Does anyone have advice on what to replace the starter with? I am not willing to pay Kubota's price, and was hoping someone could recommend a good replacement for less money. I believe the part is a Hitachi T1060-16800. Thanks.
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    Need help with finding L2600DT front light

    I'm looking for the corner light assembly that goes right below the hood on the front of the tractor. I can't seem to find the part diagram on Kubota's site. Thanks.
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    Seat Cover for L2600DT

    I am looking for a seat cover, and can't seem to find one anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    New guy needs help

    I am brand new to this forum. It looks like a good place for information, so I have a question or two. My Kubota L2600DT 4 wheel drive will not start. It is a 2003 model I think. I have never had a problem with it since it was new, but it got water in the exhaust and down into the manifold...