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    Still understanding the implication of different tractor specs

    I've created two posts in an attempt to search for facts and information to help me make the right decisions on purchase, and thank those who have responded and taught me allot, but still haven't seemed to get to the point of my queries. So, I would like to make one final post before I decide...
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    Kubota M8540 vs M7040 re fuel consumption

    Not ignorant, just inexperienced. A couple of people who supposedly know more have told me that a bigger tractor NOT under stress will use less fuel than a smaller tractor under stress. So, if I am to run a Topper that specifies it requires a PTO of 50-120HP (and weighs 640Kg but that shouldn't...
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    Want experienced comment on whether I should upgrade from MX5200 to M6040

    I have an MX5200 Hydrostatic, only 18 months old with 163 hours on the clock. Have subsequently had to get into regular slashing of 70-90 acres, and it is not coping with this type and amount of work, so I am looking at changing it over to an M6040 Hydro Shuttle I have written down why I am...