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  1. Drifthopper

    Adjusting 3pt lift lever..?

    Is there a way to adjust the 3 point lift lever to get more travel on the lever..? It is numbered from 1 to 8 , but my lift arms don't start to move till at around #4 , maybe 4 1/2..... 1 thru 3 have no effect , no arm movement. Tractor is a L3710 Thanks..!
  2. Drifthopper

    What's it worth ? : Non running Ford 9N - See pics.

    Well.... Guys... What'a think it worth..? Had it for a number of years up at our camp. It was a pretty decent tractor, but as it wore out, dad kind'a cannibalized it. Rear tires are about 18-20 yrs old. Very good condition. ( Front tires are fairly new too. ) The one that is on...
  3. Drifthopper

    Finish Mower : Water in gear box. :(

    Going thru and re-building the finish mower : new bearings in the hubs, new pulleys, new belt, deck welded where needed, new paint job..... etc.... I have the gear box off the deck....( the mower has been sitting today for the last 10 + years ,) Today , took the top fill plug off and flipped...
  4. Drifthopper

    Better Back Blade Performance..? Straight or Tilted.? See Pics.

    How can I set up this back blade for better scraping..? It works ....... ok.... but skids / bounces over a lot of mud/dirt/gravel, then I'm having to go back & forth, back & forth....etc... Is it better to have it tilted downward / tilted forward...? Or.... have it straight up and down...
  5. Drifthopper

    HST Owners : On the gas , but having to hit the brake..?

    Was up at camp doing some long needed driveway ditch work. Had the left wheels off the gravel into the swale / ditch along the driveway, bucket in float, trying to scrape the mud off the the side of the drive. As i was going up the driveway, it was getting softer and I had to turn out of the...
  6. Drifthopper

    Rear End : Sight Glass Part Number ? - See pics.

    Virgin poster........ 1st post. You guys suckered me in to registering..! :) I lurked for awhile, scrolling back thru the topics, but it will not let you search the forums if you are not a member. New to me : 2000 L3710 HST , FEL , 1750 hrs. Bought it from the original owner, got it...