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  1. Skyskier

    Must have websites

    saved and bookmarked .....thank you for taking the time !
  2. Skyskier

    Sagging ganon box

    just got in from the river, I'll post a couple pics tomorro .....thanks for your reply ,............
  3. Skyskier

    Sagging ganon box

    9 times outta 10, whenever I shut it off, I drop the ganon box AND the fel, for adjusting the 3 point hitch, I have NOT done that, .....when I try to level the box left to right, it'll pretty much stop close to level when I set the left side, BUT, that adjustement lever for left & right...
  4. Skyskier

    Sagging ganon box

    I've got a 2016, L 3560, new to me, the gannon box sags to one side if I shut it off and leave it up , takes maybe 30 / 40 minutes or so,....... I've checked what hoses & connections that I can see, crawled underneath an no visible leaks, ......anybody have an idea WHERE I should be looking ...
  5. Skyskier

    MX5200 HST Hydraulics Overheating

    New Kubota owner here, 1st post,......I just got this back to the ranch last week an still learnig, wife and I started building our "ranch" 45 years ago, I've had an old Ford 4,000 industial all these years, I'm just burned out tinkering with it, ANYWAY'S, we got the Kubota L3506 back...
  6. Skyskier

    Everything Attachments WOW!!!

    I was at tractor supply in Murrieta CA yesterday, I bought a 6ft Landscape rake , had to go back today, $750.00 an it does NOT come with all the pins, picked those up, an a few other things, EVERY aisle I went down had two "we are hiring " signs posted, one on each end of the aisle...........