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    Blade size recommendation?

    I've got an L225 with a front end loader and i'm trying to prepare for winter and have been looking for a rear blade to help move snow. My only problem is i can"t figure out what size would be good for my tractor. I found this one on c-list and thought it looked good and heavy...
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    Loader Hydraulic leak...and questions.

    I had bought this tractor recently and it is my first. I have a couple questions that my manuals do not cover. If anyone has any input please advise. This sounds like a stupid question but i guess if you are checking your hydraulic fluid you would want to check it warm? When checking mine cold...
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    Tach Drive Working Again !

    Hello everybody ! First of all i want to say thanks to Vic as he helped me make a repair on my l225 without ever knowing it. At least i hope this is the same Vic.:D I had read at another sight where he had mentioned a repair to someone whose tachometer was not working. Here is the link...