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  1. Blondie70

    2501 acts like brakes on

    The front wheels are free. I did jack up one rear wheel the other day. I could not turn it by hand. I am going to jack the rear up soon the get both rears off the ground to see what will happen (will need to chock up the front tilt first) . Involved in grass cutting rite now, so will wait until...
  2. Blondie70

    2501 acts like brakes on

    I bought this tractor used. I have put most of the 320 hours on it, tho. I have never seen a tractor act like this. I can barely shove the top of the rear tire on a flat cement floor. I had a New Holland that I could push all over that floor. Same HP tractor. Thanks guys
  3. Blondie70

    2501 acts like brakes on

    Have a 2016 L2501 2wd gear tractor. When mowing or moving even with heavy stuff attatched......pressing on the clutch gives a quick stop...almost like braking. The brakes have plenty of slack and are not dragging. I have checked each side and they brake as they should. On a flat cement surface...
  4. Blondie70

    Fake or real filter

    I bought a hydraulic filter from the dealer for my L2501. It is "Made in China". Won't be buying anymore from them. Indonesia is bad enough !
  5. Blondie70

    L2501 2WD Freewheel

    Parking brake is not dragging. Tractor is 2wd. Thanks for all replies. I will let you guys know if I find why it does this. Pete
  6. Blondie70

    L2501 2WD Freewheel

    My 2501 acts like the brakes are dragging. When moving and I depress the clutch, the tractor stops immediately. On flat cement...I cannot shove it at all manually. The brakes work great. I have the linkages backed off quite a bit , but it has made no difference. Nothing heats up that I can...
  7. Blondie70

    2 WD front axle pivot lube

    Wow. That shows it all. Thanks a million for all this information on the tractor, Wolfman. Pete
  8. Blondie70

    2 WD front axle pivot lube

    Thanks Wolfman.....I don't see how the plug in the rear is part of the slop removing stuff...but if you say so. It is just a little plug. I will take it out again and stick a wire or something in there to see how deep it is and if any grease is in there. Thank you for your help. Maybe I can lube...
  9. Blondie70

    2 WD front axle pivot lube

    I have a 2016 L2501 2WD. On the front axle pivot there is no grease fitting...only a plug on the rear part. The front consists of the adjustment bolts. Can't find any info on this. Should I remove the plug and attempt to grease ? Wonder why a fitting is not there? It is a big pivot point and...
  10. Blondie70

    Tractor won’t shut off!

    Perfect call on that one Wolfman !!! Great work !
  11. Blondie70

    Braze a hydraulic line

    Me too...…...thanks for the update.:D
  12. Blondie70

    Braze a hydraulic line

    Sounds like a good plan to me but the heat could damage any closeby o rings, etc....."?????? You will have to know about that first.
  13. Blondie70

    L2501 tach cable part #

    Thanks for the cable info Gents. Pete:D
  14. Blondie70

    L2501 tach cable part #

    Howdy. Does anyone have the part # for the tach/hourmeter cable ? I am searching for one online and not having much luck. This part needed for a L2501. Thank you, Pete
  15. Blondie70

    BarÂ’s radiator tablets...

    What about a vinegar flush ? Wonder if that would do a good cleaning ?:D
  16. Blondie70

    Tractor Overheating

    Overflow tank bubbling ??? Sounds like combustion gas may be in the cooling system. If it's not that, pull the t stat completely out and try running. If it still gets hot, leave t stat out, pull the radiator and have it rodded out if possible or checked for full flow. Good Luck...but those...
  17. Blondie70

    Kubota L2501 - initial review

    Mine did not have the guard. I went to the dealer's and asked where it was. Nobody knew until one guy came in and sez: "Heck, we got a bunch of them in the shop"...and he went and got me one. It was kinda difficult to install as the grill is very heavy. I used a hoist to hold it up and finally...
  18. Blondie70

    backhoe hook?

    I welded one on my bucket. But it ain't purdy like the one above. I bees a dabber, not a welder.:D
  19. Blondie70

    L3400, how to remove fuel pump

    Good thinking, Shadetree !!!;)
  20. Blondie70

    BH77 backhoe on L2501 - with one operator in each seat

    What I would like to know is who is cooking supper if you got your wifey on board the tractor digging stuff ??? (or maybe if you got hubby on board working with you)???...…….ya ain't gonna get me for sexism...ha ha ha:D