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    Loose hydraulic cylinder?

    Newbie question… Grease’n the loader today and noticed one of the curl cylinders is loose on my loader. By loose I mean there is some ‘play’ when pulling back and forth on it from the side…maybe 1/8 inch movement at most, probably less. The other 3 cylinders remain tight. Not sure if...
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    New? Land Pride K-Hitch - Automatic Rear PTO Hookup

    Anyone else see this new video on the YouTube? It sure looks slick (likely not cheap)...and not sure this is even new...I have never seen a Kubota version before. Landpride YouTube
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    Storing grapple hoses

    I watched a short youtube video (Link Here) from a company who shall not be named (rhymes with beer) that was demonstrating a grapple. They seemed to recommend storing the grapple hoses by plugging them into one another. "To keep the them clean" . Is that best practice? Not sure I have seen...