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  1. foresterdj

    sudden 3 point failure

    Mid-1980's L2550 with FEL. Sudden complete 3 point failure. Loader and power steering work. Loader and auxiliary hydraulics develop full pressure under load and operate at normal speed. 3 point can be lifted up and dropped down with no resistance either direction (other than the dead weight of...
  2. foresterdj

    case drain remote

    I am planning to build a hydraulic motor powered pto winch 3 point attachment for use with my L2550. The tractor already has a set of rear remotes, which I use with the Wallenstein roller feed chipper. The chipper has just the two typical hydraulic lines for powering the hydraulic motor that...
  3. foresterdj

    searching for FEL

    I have an L2550 which I got a couple years ago in great condition. Have started looking for a suitable loader. Not too concerned with make, since I will be able to fabricate any mounting bracket I will need. Tons of loaders in many brands out on the web, but hard to tell from pictures what their...