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    What is part number for PTO shaft on a B6001

    Hi all, not been on for ages as was posted overseas! But good news I am now retired, so more time. I have a Zen B6001D (#25805) it has had a D750 engine fittted in its past. It is a great tractor. The problem is the PTO shaft, it is short with only one lock grove in it. I bought an new one...
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    Tyres for B6100 or B7100 4x4 with grip

    I have been looking for a replacement set of tyres for my 6100 for ages and have a solution that works. I wanted wide tyres that would not cut up the grass but also wanted them to grip the snow and mud as I use a FEL. So as I have seen others asking the same questions on Orange I thought I...
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    D750 Engine cooling

    Hi, this is probably a very stupid question, however, does the D750 engine from a B7100 have a water pump fitted? If it does where is it and if not how does it work? Thanks again. Duncan.
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    B6100D Grass Tyres

    Hi, if anyone has a B6100D with grass wheels and tyres on it could/would you please tell me the make and size of the tyres. I am finding it hard to get the correct sizes to keep the gear ratio right. Many thanks Duncan.
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    Tyre size problem

    Hi all, can anyone tell me the correct inter actual ratio for my ZB6001 with serial number 25805. The problem is tyre size. I know from previous help on this site that my ZB is almost a B6100D but it has different size tyres on it than are quoted in the owners manual. Manual quotes 6-12 front...
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    help again B6100

    Now I know that my ZB6001 is the same as B6100 I am finding out more and more. This site is great. I was watching Service Dept Vic on the tube re PTO's he said if you own a early B series you should only use setting 1 with a grass cutter deck. I have been using setting 2 in second gear. Is...
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    Help - ZB6001 - Kubota Equivalent

    Hi, I am new to this site. I hope someone can help me to find out about my Zen-Noh ZB6001. This is a fantastic tractor and does all I need it too, however parts are the problem. My questions are as follows: what is the Kubota equivalent, what Hp does it produce and how old is it? The number...