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  1. Lencho

    Upgrade land pride gs0548 into a gs1548

    I got a “good deal” on a used Landpride gs0548 landplane. The guy I got it from felt he bought the wrong implement for his gravel drive and after using it I have to agree! This model has a problem! The blades are set at a very aggressive 1.5” below the skids. They are welded in place so you...
  2. Lencho

    Aerator, convert tow behind to TPH.

    I want to give credit to our friends at Green Tractor Talks for the idea: Here is my version
  3. Lencho

    Mulch fork build

    I have been getting wood chips dropped on my site and needed to supplement my bucket. I had some scrap steel and just welded this up.
  4. Lencho

    Front axle tilt stops; how should they be set?

    I was changing the front axle oil and noticed the bolts that limit the front axle tilt are not set the same on each side. I hadn’t noticed it while operating and believe they have been like this a long time. Maybe I am OCD but it seems they should be set equally. So do I move one up or the other...
  5. Lencho

    What is wrong with apostrophes on the site?

    I was looking at my post today and the apostrophes turned into a wierd string. Then I saw Yooper had the same issue in his post- they turn into ****8217; NOTE....... ""moderated added quotation marks (apostrophes) ...... see coachgeo/moderator response below for understanding""
  6. Lencho

    B7100hst PTO and proper operation of implements with spinning inertia.

    Please advise me on PTO implements with flywheels that keep spinning. Specifically a chipper shreader. Engaging is no problem, I disengage the clutch, shift the PTO, and release the clutch. Then I rev the engine to PTO speed and go to work. When I stop, the flywheel is at full speed so I lower...
  7. Lencho

    Merry Mac TPH 123m Chipper Shredder

    Just want to post on my new/used chipper/ shredder. Southern New Mexico has many Pecan Orchards. I found a farmer with a too small chipper for his full-on farm, but just right for my small acreage. My B7100 in a perfect match for this unit. I had to replace the PTO shaft shield and I added a...