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  1. aaluck

    Chain saws -- Stihl MS 251 CB-E

    Do any of you have this saw? I am very interested in this tool less saw. I was curious if anyone has used or owns one and can tell me anything about it. I'm sick and tired of constantly looking for the tool to tighten the chain etc. Just seems like a brilliant idea if it actually works.
  2. aaluck

    Nearly fell over.....

    Maybe I haven't been paying attention because it was winter and didn't need it......and maybe this is not news to the rest of you but the 'roundup' I was paying $49.00/2.5gallons last year at TSC is now $135.00!!!! I also noticed that the lumber prices (again haven't needed any lately) is also...
  3. aaluck


    I was watching the NCAA basketball this weekend and it dawned on me... Why do we need the NCAA anymore? At one point they enforced a bunch of rules dealing with folks getting paid under the table, or getting special treatment. Now they are allowed to be paid and get special treatment so why...
  4. aaluck

    WiFi gate opener for $12

    So, for some (maybe most) of you this may be nothing new but anyway. My (not so) Mighty Mule gate opener died the other day after 2.5 years of pretty heavy use. We have 4 of us at the house and with kids it probably cycles 12-20 times a day, so roughly 13,687 cycles for a $300 piece of gear...
  5. aaluck

    "Winter" question

    I mainly use my tractor for bush hogging. It stays under the pole barn most of the winter. Is there anything I should do (or not do) for the winter? I try and start it and drive around for 10-15 minutes about once every two weeks and that's about it.
  6. aaluck

    Hero to zero in six days

    I was born and all my family is in Wisconsin--father was a Marine so we moved all around. Been following the news on Rodgers and my beloved Packers. Now first off Rodgers has never seemed to share the same values as me. But that being said I was kind of taken aback at how everyone is treating...
  7. aaluck

    Calling all graders, water flow experts

    Been in my house for about 2 years now and finally got around to cleaning up the culverts and drains. So, the drain you see in photos 1 and 2 was 80-90% clogged. Obviously, this was causing the area you see in photos 3, 4 and 5 to wash over the road. Photo 3 was the way it was when purchased...
  8. aaluck

    Fellow country-folk. Starlink

    I’m fed up with not being able to connect to the Internet. Anyone who has actual life experience with star link please let me know whether or not it’s worth the money. Right now I’ve got AT&T fixed wireless Internet which is basically a cell phone connection. I’ve given up hope on any major...
  9. aaluck

    Forward Front Axle Support -- grease

    So I was doing my 50 hour stuff this weekend--L4400HST 4WD. On my tractor I have a breather plug opposite the grease zerk. As per the instructions I (always) removed the breather port and started pumping grease. I noticed that not only was the grease coming out of the port but also above that...
  10. aaluck

    3rd Function advice

    Looking to add a grapple to my L4400HST. Been watching videos and it SEEMS like a pretty simple process to add the unit. My questions are: 1. Is the addition as simple as moving two hoses around (plus wiring)? 2. Is there a 'best' unit you folks have found and ones that have given...
  11. aaluck

    RDTH60 in good condition. Working -- SOLD

    Works perfect. New blades and belt for this year. $1,400. Im in Alabama
  12. aaluck

    Nutgrass/Nutsedge HELP

    I need the best killer of this that will not harm Bermuda grass. Has anyone had good luck with a particular product?
  13. aaluck

    Zero Turn.... Help!!!

    After mowing my 'front/back yard' with my finish mower for the last two years I have come to the realization that I need to change things up. We have 10 acres and about +/- 1 acre of the would be considered yard. I have a bush hog for the 9 acres and a Bush Hog (brand) finish mower for the 1...
  14. aaluck

    Trench digger

    Fabrication may be a stretch.... but made. I have been digging a lot to bury direct burial power lines to various spots. Been using a piece of flat steel and it has worked. Recently I changed my bush hog blades and thought they would really improve my digging. The shape lends to a turning of...
  15. aaluck

    Air filters OEM or aftermarket

    Amazon sells the generic TA040-93230 and the inner filter for 1/3 of the price as the OEM ones. Does anyone see a problem with an aftermarket air filter? I wouldn't probably use an aftermarket oil filter but, reviews on the air filter seem great. Is there really a difference? If so, I don't...
  16. aaluck

    Ballasted weight?

    Looking at a grapple and the description reads: Ideal for Compact Tractors up to 65 Horsepower with a max ballasted weight of 7,500 pounds. I have searched my manual for my L4400 and cannot find this information. Is it in there and I'm overlooking it? Does anyone know what it would be for my...
  17. aaluck

    L4400 Seat w/ Armrests

    I'm looking to upgrade my seat with one that has armrests. Does anyone have any suggestions on a seat as comfortable as the OEM but with armrests? Maybe a site you've used with good seats. Alternatively, a way to install armrests on the OEM seat. Thanks
  18. aaluck

    Martin House Help...

    So we put up a Purple Martin house and we have sparrows and blue birds nesting in the house...which I have been told will keep the Martins away. First question is is that true, or will the Martins eventually 'take over'? I pull it down and clean it out daily but they return just as fast. Last...
  19. aaluck

    Hydro fluid question

    Had to get a 4WD leak fixed and decided to pay the $125 in labor to get the 11 gallons of hydro/filters changed as well. Just received my receipt in the mail today and see that they used UDT when refilling. Should they have used SUDT or SUDT2 instead? Does it matter? 2010 (or so) L4400HST.
  20. aaluck

    HST fluid change with filters

    I have a problem with a leak on the front axle (4WD--photos below) that I have decided after watching a lot of YT videos I just do not feel comfortable doing by myself--as in no help lifting, holding in place while I try to seat snap rings, etc. Looks like could be a real task... Anyway dealer...