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  1. Blondie70

    2501 acts like brakes on

    Have a 2016 L2501 2wd gear tractor. When mowing or moving even with heavy stuff attatched......pressing on the clutch gives a quick stop...almost like braking. The brakes have plenty of slack and are not dragging. I have checked each side and they brake as they should. On a flat cement surface...
  2. Blondie70

    L2501 2WD Freewheel

    My 2501 acts like the brakes are dragging. When moving and I depress the clutch, the tractor stops immediately. On flat cement...I cannot shove it at all manually. The brakes work great. I have the linkages backed off quite a bit , but it has made no difference. Nothing heats up that I can...
  3. Blondie70

    2 WD front axle pivot lube

    I have a 2016 L2501 2WD. On the front axle pivot there is no grease fitting...only a plug on the rear part. The front consists of the adjustment bolts. Can't find any info on this. Should I remove the plug and attempt to grease ? Wonder why a fitting is not there? It is a big pivot point and...
  4. Blondie70

    L2501 tach cable part #

    Howdy. Does anyone have the part # for the tach/hourmeter cable ? I am searching for one online and not having much luck. This part needed for a L2501. Thank you, Pete
  5. Blondie70

    Welding on Bucket

    Howdy I want to weld a hook onto my bucket. If I hook ground very near to weld there any reason to unhook anything electrical on the machine? Stick welder. Thanks Pete
  6. Blondie70

    Ansung BK976

    Anybody running a BK 976 backhoe ? How do you like it?:o
  7. Blondie70

    New Backhoe

    I have my new backhoe and it is not a BH 77 as I thought was coming. It is an Ansung BK 976. The manual even says run it with loaded tires and keep them on the ground. 16" bucket measures 15" (new math I guess) Looks like it is a strong little thing. Swing levers are hard to get moving. Guess...
  8. Blondie70

    Backhoe for L2501 Questions

    I am getting a backhoe for my tractor. What model of backhoe will I be getting? It's to fit a new L2501. It is to be hooked up to the frame. Where on the frame ? There ain't much frame on this thing. Could they be meaning the drawbar slots....the top link slots and the lift arm slots...
  9. Blondie70

    Front tires go flat

    Got a L2501DT and for the second time a front tire has gone flat for no reason. I had plenty pressure.....42 psig in both. This time the right front was flat when I needed to use the tractor to pull a guy out of the ditch.... anyways...…fed up with it so took 'em both to the shop and had tubes...
  10. Blondie70

    Transmission Vent L2501

    Trying to find where the vent is for my transmission-gearing on my standard geared tractor. Is there an obvious vent anywhere on this tractor ? Thanks for any tips on it. Pete
  11. Blondie70

    Rotation of Backhoe

    Thinking about getting a backhoe. On an L2501, how much rotation will one have? Will it go from full left to full right....180 degrees ?? Do all models with backhoes have about the same rotation ?;) Thanks for any insight. Pete
  12. Blondie70

    Serial # prefix and body stlye

    Hope this is the correct place for this question....going to look at a L2501 and we don't know year made. Is there a key to this in the serial # prefix ? Also...when did the current body style of these tractors begin? The swept back looking hood with the sleek headlites ???? Thank you - Pete
  13. Blondie70

    L 2501 oil level after change

    First oil change on my L 2501. Book calls for 6 qts . I put in 5 1/2 qts and installed a new filter. I am now overfull about 1/4" on dipstick. Is the book right or the dipstick ??? Thanks for any insight. Pete:confused:
  14. Blondie70

    Landpride 1260 blade nut

    Anyone got any idea of the nut size on the blades of this rotary cutter? I want to take the blades off at some point to balance. It's a big ole nut !!! Thanks, Pete
  15. Blondie70

    Getting Black Lettering on Forum

    Hi. Is there a dashboard or something where I can change my preferences to get black lettering on the forums instead of the hard to read red ??? I am having a little problem reading the red when black would be so nice and easy !!!!!!!!! I have looked for a way to change how I get the forums, but...
  16. Blondie70

    L2501 Transmission Oil Level

    I have the manual transmission with a sightglass. After tractor is warmed up, the fluid looks like a vanilla milkshake and bubbles are rising in it. Little bubbles but quite a few. Shut down the tractor and bubbles stop. Is this normal ? Thanks , Pete:confused:
  17. Blondie70

    Oil Pressure Sensor L3301

    Can anyone tell me where the oil pressure sensor is located on the engine of a L3301 or L3901 ? I am curious and can't find it. Thank you, Pete;)
  18. Blondie70

    1260 Landpride Rotary Cutter

    I guess my mower has lift blades. Bush hogging is a dirty mess here. Every time I cross my gravel driveway or a place under trees with not a lot of grass, I end up in a cloud of dirt/dust. I have never experienced anything like it. I use the leaf blower on the tractor after working and also use...
  19. Blondie70

    Hydraulic control hard to move

    My 3 point control lever is about twice as hard to move as I feel it should be. Any tips or pointers on how to make it easier to operate ? Thanks, Pete:)
  20. Blondie70

    Radiator Fan Reversable ?

    I am wondering if the fan can be reversed ... to blow air thru the radiator out the front of the tractor ? It would sure make this thing more bearable in the heat. I am about medium well done right now...ha ha. I used to have a Komatsu that had a reversible fan. That was really nice. Thanks...