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  1. tjaltz

    Grand L Cab Relectix Roof Liner

    I have a 2019 L6060HSTC and on hot summer days my AC struggles to keep the cab cool. I regularly blow out and wash the radiator and condenser fins and make sure my cabin external air filter and internal air filters are clean. I plan on tinting my windows eventually, but right now I have the roof...
  2. tjaltz

    B3200 power beyond, 3rd function & rear remotes

    I have a B3200 that has a BH-76 backhoe sub-frame and rear power beyond ports for the backhoe installed. The backhoe is not normally installed on the tractor, and I want to add 2 rear remotes for use with 3 point implements. Since the backhoe and 3 point implements can’t be installed at the...
  3. tjaltz

    Adding Hydraulic Adjust to LandPride PLL3048 Forks

    I have a set of LandPride PFL3048 pallet forks that I use on my L6060. I find myself having to adjust the width of the forks frequently, and would like to add hydraulic fork width adjustment. I have a 3rd function on the loader, and was curious if anyone has ever added a hydraulic adjust...
  4. tjaltz

    B3200 Tractor/Backhoe Swivel Seat Replacement

    I’m looking to see how others have handled the functions of the seat safety switch when replacing the seat. I am trying to keep all of the seat safety and operator presence functions operational. I have a 2009 B3200 that has a BH76 backhoe. It originally came with a pop-up and swivel seat to...
  5. tjaltz

    Quick Coupler Type

    I’m trying to identify the kind of hydraulic couplers on my tractor’s 3rd function. Are the quick couplers in the photo “Pioneer Type”? The machine is an L6060HSTC with a Kubota 3rd function. Thanks for the help.
  6. tjaltz

    Tie Down Points for Front of L6060HSTC

    I’m looking to add some front trailer tie downs to my L6060HSTC tractor. In the past I would just wrap a chain through the opening below the grill, but I have installed a mesh grill guard and a lower “bib” that covers that opening to protect from branches and limbs coming up from underneath. I...
  7. tjaltz

    Adding 3rd Function on B3200 with power beyond port

    I have a 2009 B3200 that has a Power Beyond port for a BH76 Backhoe that is used occasionally. I want to add a third function port on the loader, and I’m getting conflicting information from dealers. One is telling me to plug the 3rd function into the power beyond port, running the lines to the...
  8. tjaltz

    B3200 Shut Off Delay

    When you turn the key switch to the off position, should the engine shut down instantly, or is it normal for there to be a 1 or 2 second delay. Working on a 2009 B3200. My key switch was fairly gummed up. I took it out and thoroughly cleaned it. The tractor always shuts off now, but sometimes...
  9. tjaltz

    B3200 Ignition Switch

    I have a 2009 B3200 and I think the ignition switch is starting to go. Sometimes when I shut the tractor off, it keeps running. If I turn the switch back to the on position then turn it hard to the left, it shuts off okay. I have turn turn it to the off position with more force than I used to to...
  10. tjaltz

    RCR1872 Worn Skid Shoe

    I have an RCR1872 rotary cutter, and the front skids have worn pretty thin. The Landpride parts diagram for the cutter shows replaceable skid shoes held on with nuts and bolts, but mine is not replaceable. It’s a continuous welded piece. My question is how do you replace this skid? Do I just...
  11. tjaltz

    Installing a MMM Deck on a B3200

    I purchased a used RCK60-27ba mower deck for my 2009 B3200HST. The deck came with all the brackets and hangers, but no installation manual. My tractor also has a backhoe subframe installed. Does anyone know where I can get an installation manual for this deck? Does it require drilling the...
  12. tjaltz

    B3200 replacement seat

    I have a B3200 that has a pop up swivel seat for the backhoe. I added a separate pedestal seat to the backhoe, and now I want to remove the pop up swivel mechanism and install a new more comfortable non swiveling suspension seat. I realize I will have to fabricate a mount to attach the new seat...
  13. tjaltz

    WTB RCK60-27BA Mower Deck for B3200

    I am looking for a RCK60-27BA mid mount mower deck for a 2010 B3200. Looking for a complete functional deck (hangers, brackets & PTO shaft). I will pay to ship to my location in South Carolina. Thank you.
  14. tjaltz

    L6060 Air Ride Seat & Stationary PTO

    I have a 2019 L6060 HSTC Grand with a OEM (Grammer) air ride seat. I understand that this factory option technically disables the stationary PTO function. You cannot tilt the air ride seat up to operate the PTO in stationary mode, and Kubota offers no official solution. I also know that if I...
  15. tjaltz

    B3200 Mid Mount Mower with Backhoe

    I have a Kubota B3200 that has an LA504 Loader and BH76 Backhoe installed. I want to add a 60” Mid Mount Mower, but I don’t know if it can be mounted while the backhoe sub frame is in place. Does anyone have a B3200 with both a BH76 Backhoe and 60” MMM (I believe it takes the RCK60-27B(A) Deck)...
  16. tjaltz

    L6060 Grand Intellipanel Service Codes

    I just got an L6060 Grand and it came from the dealer with the IntelliPanel set to kph rather than mph. I understand that I have to change the setting on the IntelliPanel in the service mode (holding down the mode button while turning the key on). I believe “J” is the mph/kph setting, and “B” is...
  17. tjaltz

    L6060HSTC Question

    I’m new to Orange Tractor Talks, and I’m looking for some advice on a new purchase. I’m upgrading my B3200 to a larger tractor to take care of 35 acres. About 25 acres of fields for a rotary cutter, a grapple for down tress/limbs and trail maintenance. I need a cab and I am seriously considering...