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    Bseries valve clearances

    I have a B1600 tractor and a Work Shop Manual for B1710 to B2710. Not ideal but the best I have managed so far. I want to check and probably adjust the valve clearances. The WSM refers to a tming cover on the clutch housingneeding to be removed to make the TC /TDC mark visible. So .... where...
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    Ignition keys for B series

    Hi I have an old B1600 and have lost the ignition key. Before I rewire the switch to something without a key I thought I'd ask how best to get a key (I have no paperwork for the tractor) I was once told that they all have the same key. Is that the case and if so what should I be looking for, on...
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    Recommendation for parts

    I have just bought an head gasket for my old B1600 and am really pleased with the service and item. So pleased that I want to give them a plug here. The company is, in Scotland. They seem to do a full range of parts, new and reconditioned. Prices seem fine. Best of all when I...
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    Old B1600 turns but wont start

    Hi Another puzzle for me but hopefully straightforward for someone. I have an old B1600. I came to start it after not using it for a week and it just went "clunk". I thought the battery dead. Charged it and the same again. If I pull out the decompressor it turn quickly with puffs of smoke...
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    What are these fuel taps for?

    Hi I have a B1600. There are 2 fuel taps on the engine and I'd like to know what they are for and how to use them. One (A in the picture) is on the return from the injectors. The other ( B ) leads from the fuel filter to a drain point at the front of the engine. This means that when on a hill...
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    B series what to use for transmission oil

    I have a B 1502 and need to top up the transmission (gear box) oil. There is the recommendation to use Kubota's own fluid. Here, it would be hard to get that and probably expensive. It must be similar to ordinary transmission fluids. Ant suggestions on what I can add?
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    Additional rear hydraulic link and attachment

    I have just bought a B1502M. It has a rear hydraulic link operated by switches on the right mudguard. It only has a swivel ball at one end but the other end would effectively be a universal joint. I think it is for tilting attachments but ... a) can I use it / modify it to be a hydraulic top...