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  1. DaveFromMi

    Hydraulic and transmission oil.

    Many years ago, I had a 78 Pontiac Sunbird with 3 speed automatic trans. While traveling to Indiana with my wife, a trans cooling line ruptured. Was out in the middle of nowhere and managed to find a rubber hose that I forced onto the metal trans cooler tube. I secured it in place with 3 zip...
  2. DaveFromMi


    If you run the EVs in regen mode all day long by driving downhill, it should be enough to recharge the battery pack.
  3. DaveFromMi

    Garden question

    The pepper plants in my garden, bell, jalapeno, and a few others look OK. I picked a couple of banana peppers the other day. My youngest kid dug up some new ground in an old cattle lot. The soil is mostly decomposed manure. Out of 20 plants, they all died shortly after being planted.
  4. DaveFromMi

    The Millennial's Truth

    There are a few good ones out there but that pretty much sums things up.
  5. DaveFromMi

    Is the rule of thumb, "if you can reverse up the hill, you can drive up the hill"?

    When I was a teenager, I had a pretty bad-a** Yamaha Enduro 125. It had dual sport tire tread, more towards the dirt. It would go up a dry/rocky 45° hill, with a driver and passenger. At that point, we leaned forward on bike as much as possible; the danger being the front tire coming off the...
  6. DaveFromMi

    L3901 Front Axle Oil

    Thanks for all the responses. I will top it off with Super UDT-2 for now. The tractor has about 100 hrs on it.
  7. DaveFromMi

    L3901 Front Axle Oil

    I finally remembered to check the oil level. It is ~3/4" below the check plug. Owners Manual states that it should run out of check plug. Owners Manual states to fill with Super UDT-2 or 80 - 90 wt gear oil. I am assuming it came with Super UDT-2 from the factory, right? It's probably not good...
  8. DaveFromMi

    Guns...Times have changed...

    If If we raise the firearms age to 21, we should raise the voting age to 21 as well.
  9. DaveFromMi

    Local Paper

    If we all become herbivores, would the theory of evolution predict that our eyes would move to the sides of our heads? Should we complain about the birds and grizzly bears eating fish?
  10. DaveFromMi

    Guns...Times have changed...

    Actually, a school door was left propped open so the shooter walked right in. This was after he was shooting at a funeral home crowd across the street. Add another item to investigate. Mental illness is obvious.
  11. DaveFromMi

    B2301 Mice Behind Instrument Panel

    We have a couple of outdoor cats. The only problem is that they leave their prize on the doorstep. Occasionally, they will catch and eat a careless bird.
  12. DaveFromMi

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I added lock washers below the jamb nuts for the top link, RH link and 2 for each set of turnbuckles. I got these at TSC. They are best fit (English units). The jamb nuts seem to back out often while bushhogging. The RH link nut backed out the other day. It looked like the bushhog was plowing...
  13. DaveFromMi

    Guns...Times have changed...

    Very good questions. Hopefully answers to these and other questions come out in the investigation. Why did the cops stand down when there was an active shooter in the school? The cops latest reason is that the gunman was barricaded and not so much a threat. The top cop admitted that some cops...
  14. DaveFromMi

    How to increase M9000 AC blower airflow?

    Check and see if the blower motor is wired backwards. This will result in a tiny amount of airflow coming from the vents.
  15. DaveFromMi

    Guns...Times have changed...

    If I remember correctly, New York banned any magazine capacity more than 7. This happened after the Sandy Hook murders. This includes .22 rifles and pistols. The Buffalo shooting is one more example of criminals not...
  16. DaveFromMi

    Fuel prices

    I can think of a couple examples of when food shortages have been used as a weapon against people. History is apparently not taught anymore.
  17. DaveFromMi

    Concrete Curing?

    My barn floor was concreted with fiber this morning. The company owner said wait 24 hours to walk on it, 7 days to park the tractor on it.
  18. DaveFromMi

    Garden fencing. What do you use?

    When I lived in the Detroit area, I had rabbits eat all of the newly planted broccoli and cabbage plants down to the ground. I bought a small electric fence charger from TSC. It worked. After the plants started to yield, the rabbits weren't interested.
  19. DaveFromMi

    Leaves - what to use

    I use a Redmax backpack blower to move the leaves in clear spots outside my yard. I run over the piles with the bush hog several times to chop them up and make sure they don't blow back.
  20. DaveFromMi

    Garden fencing. What do you use?

    2-3 strands of barbed wire electric fence, from rabbit height to deer height. Seems to have worked the last couple of years.