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  1. MTBob

    How To Set The Dash Clock

    This is likely a dumb newbie question, but it's driving me nuts. I've read the manuals, reviewed the OTT posts, fiddled and diddled with the dash controls - so how do I se the clock time on my L6060HSTC dash display?
  2. MTBob

    Regen / Dash Display Question

    Does this indication "PM" (red arrow) mean that the tractor is getting ready to regen? Or, is this just an icon that is always on the screen indicating that bar gauge shows the amount of particulate accumulation? I don't see any reference in the owners manual about this "PM" icon.
  3. MTBob

    Post Pounder on Grand L6060?

    Having purchased a L6060 I'm now selling my Massey 65. Feels like moving from a Willys Jeep to a Mercedes. For years I've used a Shaver Post pounder on the back of the Massey. The Shaver pounder is a hydraulic lift with gravity/spring drop, and will drive a 4" diameter post with no problem...
  4. MTBob

    New Member With Hauling Question

    Howdy, this is my first posting on this forum after purchasing a new-to-me 2018 Kubota L6060HSTC. I'll be hauling the tractor a couple hundred miles to my location, half of which will be on interstate roads. I've got a question regarding hauling. I calculate the tractor, FEL & back blade...
  5. MTBob

    Deal Killer? No Rear Hydraulic Control

    First, I'm new to this forum, this is my first post. I'm seriously looking at purchasing a Grand L 4060 or L4760 with Cab. Use of this tractor will include a variety of rear implements, e.g. blade, brush hog, snow blower, etc. Having wrestled with rear connections on a Massey 65 for the past...