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    Processing Firewood the Professional Redneck Way

    That is a sweet set up. I have a 4 t by 4 ft table just over waist high that I dump my cut pieces onto with the loader. I have my splitter about 2 feet away on old car ramps so it is about waist high. After dumping the pieces onto the table I position the bucket of the loader so I can split...
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    Flap wheel

    Harbor Freight has a 6 x 1 inch 80 grit sanding flap wheel
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    Warm Up

    The operators manual for my BX says above 32F at least 5 minutes, 14F to 32F 5 to 10 minutes, -4F to 14F 10 to 15 minutes and below -4F more than 15 minutes. I try to go by that at least for the initial start up for the day and wing it from there. Alot of times I will give it a few minutes to...
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    Wheel balancing?

    They did
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    Wheel balancing?

    I have a friend whose tractor is a Lamborghini :unsure: :D
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    B2650 suddenly won't start

    I am not a pro at any of this but I had a similar situation with my tractor and it ended up being a bad battery. I had just started and warmed up my tractor, shut it off to refuel and then it would not re-start. Battery tested at 12.6 but would not start the tractor - lights came on, fuel pump...
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    Can't remove flat tire on my BX23S

    As others have said there are different ways to do it but the newer battery powered impact wrenches are very capable and portable. I have breaker bars, pipes for extending handles and torque wrenches but the 18 volt impact gets alot of use. Try to get a brand that you can buy other tools for...
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    First CUT LX2610 HSD

    I am in central NY and I really like the block heater. I had the tractor for a season before I installed the heater and it def makes a difference. An hour with the block heater on combined with the battery tender and my machine fires right up. It also helps get to operating temp quicker which...
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    Greased the FEL today...

    I should - I have about ten or so of the Ryobi 18v One plus tools and a bunch of batteries...:unsure:
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    Greased the FEL today...

    I really need to remember to grease the tractor on warmer days or at least put the grease gun on the mantle over the woodstove before I use it on cold days. I got it done but I had to break out the old lever action gun - it sure is easier in warm weather...
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    Edge Tamers on the FEL bucket

    First time using edge tamers on the FEL to clear the driveway. They really worked great. There is a learning curve for plowing vs. snowblowing but I will get it. I used a blower for the last 18 years and will use it to clean up the edges when I am done but the tractor is a lot more fun for...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Finally got around to hooking up the tractor side permanent wiring for the trickle charger/maintainer. For $20 it'll probably pay for itself in extended battery life. Its going to be nice not having to pull/replace the battery compartment cover to hook up the charger. ⚡ :cool:
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    BX1500 Hard start when cold

    I would think glow plugs also. I have a BX1500 and put a lower radiator hose heater on which helps starting in the winter in NY. I didn't have starting issues but just wanted a quicker start / warm up. Install wasn't hard and actually works better than I thought it would. I replaced the...
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    How do you store your loader when off the tractor?

    I only take mine off to mow or use the lawn sweeper. I take it on and off in the garage with a level floor right where I park the tractor. When it is off I park the tractor with the front end nested into the loader so it actually looks like it is connected, sometimes I even have to check to...
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    Friendly PSA - Treat Your Fuel, Cold Weather is Here

    I use the Stanadyne performance formula so I treat it year round. I am sure I don't use as much diesel as some of you do so it isn't a big deal for me. I do the same with all the gas I use for the push mower, snowblower , etc. I treat it when I fill up the fuel can.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Its leaf season in upstate NY. Got out the lawn sweeper early this year - I am going to try to maintain it and not wait they are deep - I have 4 huge maples in the front yard. Once your get the rope pull to dump and reset you can do the whole job from the seat of the tractor. I use the...
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    3 point throttle

    You must type faster than I do Hokie :cool:
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    3 point throttle

    It controls how fast the 3pt will lower. Sometimes you might have a lot of weight on it and want it to lower slower than when it doesn't have any weight at all. It is a good idea to turn it once in a while as it has a tendency to get stuck over time if not moved. Mine locked up on my BX it...
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    Household Appliance Maintenance: Share Your Successes and Failures

    When we moved into our current house in 2004 we took out the ancient fridge and ordered 2 stainless LG fridges and put them side by side and fixed the doors to open from center. We have 4 kids and love to cook. When the first one stopped working I went online to find out there is a fuse...
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    What do you do with the trails you maintain?

    Ours are used mainly to haul firewood out or go to our blinds / treestands. 🦌