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    Loose hydraulic cylinder?

    Appreciate the quick responses. Thank you. Now on to the next loader ‘issue’ getting the parking stand adjusted to release properly. At least that fix is in the manual. I am finding these tractors require tinkering. Grease this, tighten that, check that level there and then clean these...
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    Loose hydraulic cylinder?

    Newbie question… Grease’n the loader today and noticed one of the curl cylinders is loose on my loader. By loose I mean there is some ‘play’ when pulling back and forth on it from the side…maybe 1/8 inch movement at most, probably less. The other 3 cylinders remain tight. Not sure if...
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    Recommendations for a finish mower?

    I have the LP 1660 mower....very happy with it. The features I liked were rear discharge, HD build, solid tires, single belt, easy to change the belt as the gear box hangs from the framework (some mowers I understand you have to remove bolts to tip the gear box to get the belt to slip on)...
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    New? Land Pride K-Hitch - Automatic Rear PTO Hookup

    Anyone else see this new video on the YouTube? It sure looks slick (likely not cheap)...and not sure this is even new...I have never seen a Kubota version before. Landpride YouTube
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    Storing grapple hoses

    I watched a short youtube video (Link Here) from a company who shall not be named (rhymes with beer) that was demonstrating a grapple. They seemed to recommend storing the grapple hoses by plugging them into one another. "To keep the them clean" . Is that best practice? Not sure I have seen...
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    Pollen on my truck, how to remove?

    I have read rubbing alcohol removes tree sap. Supposed to be paint safe once diluted. Google the recommended dilution. Just picked some up at costco but have not yet tired it yet on the sticky little pods currently all over the cars
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    Zero turn to B series

    I just made this exact move...well, I went with a 60" rear mower on a B2301. 3 mows in I am pleased with the change. The mower (FDR1660) does just as nice a job mowing on my hilly yard...if not a little better. The cut looks more even to my eye with the floating deck, and no rows of grass...