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    Help Identifying valves

    I have an M7500DT with a FEL. I am not 100% sure if the FEL itself if OE, but the valves appear to be. I have a couple goals here, one is to find the correct control handles if they are not unreasonably expensive, and two is to add a 3rd valve to the stack if possible. Also, it would be...
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    Upgrade compatibility for hydraulic pump?

    I have an M7500DT which mounts a 307002-4472 pump, and I was wondering if there is a reasonable way to increase the flowrate of the pump? (Maybe a higher flow unit that has the same shaft/mounting flange) I would love to get something that will put out mid 20s GPM if possible.
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    M7500DT questions

    Today I took care of the PO's reworking of the electrical system. (The glow plug/start switch had stopped working, so the horn became the starter and he drilled a brand new hole for a button and used some 14 gauge wire for the glow plugs. I pulled the original switch apart, cleaned it and now it...
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    Kubota M7500DT-A

    I just picked up my first Kubota and it's about time to get to work! It is currently functional, but the electrical has been "fixed" significantly and I want to get everything working again. Does anyone have a legible wiring diagram available? There is one I found floating around online, but the...