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    Major road work!

    Not a project, because I had someone do the work. I've mentioned it before, but my road suddenly got a lot worse during the snow & rain in january: I was planning on dealing with it this summer, but this couldn't wait. It was also getting hollowed out underneath along that pipe. A couple...
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    It worked for me!

    I am quite certain most everyone around here has some "improvised" repairs you've done that actually worked (unlike my well plumbing fiasco). So share them! Tractor, around the house, cars, whatever! Here's my latest - the (fabric o_O ) under-vehicle splash guard on my Escape got ripped off at...
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    Glad I hired a pro...

    Well saga part 2 - I decided to just hire a plumber to fix it instead of messing with it myself any more. Well, here's what I got from that I have since followed the advice received here and uses a Union, got it working. This was SUPPOSED to save me time and aggaravation. I'm getting more...
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    Tiller tips?

    I'm specifically wondering about the END of a run - when I lift the tiller, it leaves a gouge where the blades were turning. I haven't found a good way to eliminate this, seems it's inherent in the tool. Best I can do so far is to try to keep them fairly in line and follow up by a pass along the...
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    I have gnats all over in the house lately. I've tried to clear out anything I can find that's likely to attract them. Problem is, they're not congregating in any one place so it's hard to tell what's keeping them around. BUT - I just noticed a massive bunch of them all over one of my windows...
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    Goin' Commercial

    I finally have product! Introducing Hellfire Farm, growers of fire and lava :) And now the hunt begins for retailers to sell these!
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    Well tank not filling?

    I bet a lot of you have wells, maybe you can help me a bit. I just had to replace my tank. The new one is pressurized to 38psi. Pressure switch is set to 40-60. Pressure gauge steadily reads in that range. But the tank seems to be empty. It doesn't seem to have any weight - 35 gallons should...
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    Top & Tilt (?) question

    I THINK that's what I'm looking for: I want to replace the mechanical screwed top link with a hydraulic link so I can change implement angles quickly and easily. What do I need already on the tractor to make that work? I have a backhoe, so there's hydraulic attachments at the rear. Can I hook...
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    Small tractor advice

    Trying to help a friend here. He has 1 to 1.5 acre, most work will be mowing, with a little planting (might not even be enough). He wants a loader. He's currently looking at BX series. I can get more info if needed - just trying to get some thoughts on what he should consider.
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    Overgrown with grass

    Most of the space I planted this spring has been overrun with grass. I've been able to deal with some of it but a couple spots got completely out of control. Here's my "beans": I have my own thoughts on what to do to prevent this next year - but would like to hear how you've handled it.
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    Bucket level indicator

    I keep reading about these. I don't have one, unless the sticker with the white line counts. I've tried looking up pics and that's just leaving me more confused. Can someone please explain exactly what a level indicator is and what its purpose is?
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    What's wrong with my corn?

    Any corn growers maybe can offer some advice? I've got several "patches" where my corn seems to be dying. I can't see anything to suggest anything consistent, including location in relation to irrigation (I was thinking possibly overwatering). I don't see any pests. The patches are across...
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    "I don't read and I'm proud of it"

    (Note the quotes) Anyone heard of this app "Blinkest"? It summarizes books for you, into 15-minute snippets that you can listen to, instead of reading the book. I suppose I kinda get it, maybe, sorta, no not really. I don't think I'm any less busy than most, but I don't get wanting to skip...
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    Lift arm pins?

    I'm at a loss, can't find what I'm looking for anywhere. I need two lift arm pins - but the through-pin kind, not the bolt-on kind. For reference, it's to fit this: I can find top link pins all over, but those are a bit thinner. I can find the bolt-on type of pins for this link, but I can't...
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    Quick hitch questions

    Two-part question: Just picked up a quick hitch after reading about them around here - On the implement it fits, all's good. But there's something I hadn't considered before getting it: the TOP link. Most of my implements have a top link with a bolt a few inches below, just close enough to...
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    L3301 fuel pump no power

    My fuel pump isn't getting any power. Followed the checks from WSM, pump is working, no voltage coming through the connector when tractor is turned on. I've checked all the fuses twice for continuity, everything seems to be fine. WSM says "check the circuit". I'm trying to follow the diagram...
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    I think I broke it...

    I use my tractor a lot less than you guys do. I did the 100-hour service today, along with the 50-hour that I carelessly didn't do when I should have. Everything was fine. Ran for 20 minutes around 2k RPM, let it cool & rechecked fluids, etc, everything seemed to be fine. Until I tried to move...
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    Seeding "tools" - row planters

    Wondering about tools, machines, or other devices you use to plant seeds, like corn, beans, etc that you want to put down a lot of in rows. I'm curious what you use, even if it's 3-point or the like, but at the moment I'm mainly interested in smaller/less expensive options - I just don't have...
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    Quick-connect fittings

    A while back I posted about a hose wear problem I'm having - the 3-point lifts are hitting the hose. Some people suggested getting an angled connection as a fix. I'm having some difficulty finding anything that would seem to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    PTO and 3-point lift

    Really basic question here - just wanting to confirm: PTO attachments (like a tiller) can still be raised, right?