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    Worthington Jacobson 3 Gang Reel Mower - Where to start

    I "found" this in the weeds at my property. It's been there since I bought the place 8 years ago. 2/3 of the reels spin. 1/3 cuts really well. This thing needs a lot of work and I'm interested in doing it; but I have no idea where to start. It's a Worthington Jacobson, no idea how old. Any...
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    3rd Function Wiring Options (L3800) and pros/cons

    I'm installing 3rd function this weekend using Summit's kit. I have questions about wiring. I've seen there are different options for wiring - e.g. wiring direct to battery, a keyed/ignition or fused power source. Wiring direct to the battery seems the easiest route. What are the pros/cons...
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    L3800 Remotes + top and tilt - need help

    I want to add rear remotes and top + tilt to my L3800. I'm finally at the point on my land where I need to get a box blade and do some grading, leveling and drainage ditching. I reached out to my dealer and the L3800 remote kits have been discontinued, so I'm at a loss on where to start. I...