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  1. Woodychevy38s

    L5740 HSTC Splitting question

    After a couple months trying to find someone to work on my tractor I am debating on doing it myself. My question is, any way to leave the cab on and attached to the front 1/2 of the tractor? If I do not have to i would rather leave the coolant, A/C and wiring all in place. Unbolting the cab...
  2. Woodychevy38s

    L5740- what is this?

    New to me tractor and wondering what this is.
  3. Woodychevy38s

    L5740- Hst noise

    I have searched around and seem to find one part of my problem or another, but not both. New to me L5740, starts runs sounds good with clutch pedal pressed in. When I let off the clutch I get a bad rattle (I have l5030, l3640, l5460 so not just a normal sound) This rattle stays constant and...