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    New Lawn for new house - looking for input and advice

    6" of topsoil can get real expensive depending on where you live. In NE PA, it costs around $650 a triaxle of topsoil. I laid 3" on my lawn and it turned into a decent lawn that has clay/rock below the 3" topsoil.
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    BX Saw holder

    Looks nice. How does the scabbard not "fall out"? Is there something keeping it on the bar or just friction with the cutters?
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    Looking for help with purchase – B/LX/L tractor owners with wet/soggy soil

    I live in the Poconos of PA with similar wet woods. I do most of my "woods work" in the winter. I've worked trees/rocks during the semi wet season (80% of the year) and have not got stuck with R14's on LX2610 yet. Once I start sinking in that top black layer of muck, I get the heck out of there...
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    Starting a llc and picking up some smaller jobs

    I'm only assuming you are talking about tax write offs. Perhaps, I'm wrong but if I'm right; I agree 100%. You might not make a ton of money but it will help you afford certain things you otherwise couldn't justify. IMO.
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    LX2610 online WSM

    I can' t answer your question but I'd also be googling B2650 WSM as well as it should be quite similar.
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    Tools Needed for New Tractor Owner - Tool Sizes

    Keep this wrench and some bungies in your rear plastic tool box.
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    Bucket forks vs quick attach forks mathmatics, guru's enter!

    As others have mentioned, the biggest advantage of QA is that YOU CAN SEE what you are picking up and you aren't having to deal with the bucket in the way of your line of sight! That alone is worth $400 IMO.
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    L2501 Synchronized Gears?

    The one Neal was talking about was the L2501F so maybe...........?
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    Wood stoves/furnace

    Built a house 4 years ago. Approximately 2400 Sq ft finished. Went with a Quadrafire 7100. Very efficient and heats the whole house with the aid of numerous 5' ceiling fans to move the heat down the hallways. I burn around 5-6 cords a year. Quad 7100 isn't cheap but it's a very nice looking...
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    50 hour service

    Agree. I lost some but not much. I also used my bucket to lift my front end while replacing the filter. Not sure if it helped at all but as long as you are in a comfortable position and ready with the new filter, you won't lose much.
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    EMP attack

    High altitude nuclear blasts are a large threat. A nuclear blast 1000 miles above CONUS would be more detrimental (long term) than a nuclear blast landing directly on land (short term).
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    Brand New 2021l2501 oil plug falls out

    Terrible luck....I'd also ask for a suiteable replacement to use while you're waiting for your new engine to be installed. You could be tractorless for several months. IMO, there's no reason why they couldn't provide you something in the interim.
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    Accident To Share

    To the OP....You're not alone. I did the same thing. Luckily I had "slip on" style steel toes. The weight landed directly on the steel toe. I had to slip my foot out of the boot and then hop over to the loader lever to retrieve my boot. Could have been worse but a great lesson learned indeed.