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    L3901/3301/2501 series PTO

    PTO starts clankin when I use my roto tiller in firm ground (no stones) if I try to go to deep. Its like the cogs don't stay against each other and get out of time. By that I mean they are under load (quiet normal operation) and then they sound like they are hitting back and forth as if the...
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    LA525 loader rams

    What does this video indicate. Which at the moment I can’t load. Basically I can grab the bucket and tilt it. The rams travel about 2-3 inches before I can’t lift/tilt anymore. The loader and bucket have been sitting lifted and after a few hours I can move the bucket by hand. Is it a ram seal...
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    L2501/3301/3901 Clicking Noise

    Has anybody had this problem? Just got a new L3901 HST. It has a noise that sounds like a spring releasing and hitting metal or clicking noise. As u drive it everything is normal and then it will make the noise and its good again for a little bit before it does it again. The dealer was out...
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    L3901/3301 Winter operations

    Does any one put on winter fronts on their tractors for winter use? I’m talking snow blowing at -30 and cooler?
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    Buying L3901 with Loader

    Planning on buying an L3901. Looked at some other brands and decided on Kubota to compliment my 35 Massey. Any advice about the L3901 from any owners? Any major issues or questions I should ask the dealer? Putting fluid in rears. Gotta find out about winterization kit for oil breather I...