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    No Lights When You Turn Key-Kubota M4050

    If you turn the key on my tractor nothing happens. No lights. The battery is fully charged. On one occasion I was putting the battery cable back on the battery and there were sparks. Could I Have zapped something? I replaced the fuses. The fuses are confusing because they are very hard to...
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    Alternator Bolt

    I bought a new alternator. The top bolt (on the new alternator) that connects to the slide adjuster (Sorry no idea what the official name is) will not loosen. The bolt isn't long enough to get a nut on it. Will it come off with an air wrench? Thanks for your help.
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    Alternator wiring

    I am replacing the alternator on my Kubota M4050. The old alternator had posts marked 1 &2. The replacement is marked E F & N. How do they match up? Thanks.
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    m4050 Random Starts

    I have had problems getting my m4050 started. The battery was checked and it was fine. I replaced the starter because it was making a whirring or grinding sound. Once I replaced the starter and the battery was charged the tractor started at the first turn of the ignition the first few times...
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    M4050 Won't Start

    On Monday, I could not start the tractor. The glow plug indicator would glow orange like normal but when I would try to start it the starter would just make a noise and not turn over or catch. I ordered a starter and put it in it will not even heat the glow plug indicator...