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  1. Roadworthy

    B 1700 Hard start, black smoke pouring out exhaust

    As a first step try cleaning the air cleaner and make sure there are no obstructions between the air cleaner and the intake manifold.
  2. Roadworthy

    B7100 glow plug indicator not glowing.

    If your "indicator" is a coil of nichrome wire like many older tractors you may NOT see it glow. If it burns out or opens in any way though your glow plugs won't work at all. They're wired in series with it. Glow plugs run at 10.5 volts. That coil of wire drops the extra 1.5 volts.
  3. Roadworthy

    Did you get yours yet?

    How do you pay your taxes or get refunds? I use my bank account and that's where my stimulus check went automatically. If that's how your system works you may have received and spent the money already. Check your bank statements. I managed to have expenses about the time of receiving the...
  4. Roadworthy

    Quick Disconnect Drip?

    I've no experience in this area but have seen others suggest connecting and disconnecting from the quick disconnect to stop a slow leak or drip.
  5. Roadworthy

    Engine oil leak

    You could try tightening your oil pan bolts. They don't have to be real tight but they should be the same tightness. Use a torque wrench for the operation. The Kubota specs should state the proper torque.
  6. Roadworthy

    Need A Little Help.

    According to your picture you have three five amp fuses. They are on different circuits. You need to identify which circuit is affected to begin troubleshooting. You can also look for wires mice have been working on or places where wires could be pinched or bare along their paths.
  7. Roadworthy

    governor issue

    You say the tractor is HST. Does it have gear ranges? Mine has three ranges. For climbing a hill try a lower gear range. Be sure the parking brake is not engaged. I've found that easy to overlook on my tractor. It will go anyhow but seems lacking in power.
  8. Roadworthy

    Can't get BX1500 to start.

    What is the battery voltage just sitting and what is the voltage when you try to crank? Disconnect the battery. Clean the terminals. Clean cable ends. Have battery load tested. Reconnect cables. Follow ground wire to frame. Clean and tighten. This may not solve your problem but it will...
  9. Roadworthy

    L3540 HST wire replacement

    Your switch could be fine. It sounds like the pedal is sticking. Make sure there's nothing underneath jamming then lubricate where it pivots. You should hopefully be good to go at that point.
  10. Roadworthy

    Need A Little Help.

    I presume you refer to a particular five amp fuse. Which one?
  11. Roadworthy

    L175 Radiator Cleaning/Maintenance

    Having used tap water in your system you should probably drain it as best you can. Insert your garden hose into the top radiator hose and run water into the engine, leaving the bottom hose disconnected to drain. This will reverse flush the block. Reverse flush the radiator (in at the bottom...
  12. Roadworthy

    L225 Blown 10 Amp Fuse

    More information is required. What circuit is fed by the ten amp fuse? Does the tractor only have one fuse?
  13. Roadworthy

    L4400D (gear Drive) No Start

    You seem to have a voltage problem. Clean the battery terminals and the cable clamps. Follow the ground wire to the frame connection is clean. Have the battery load tested.
  14. Roadworthy

    Hydraulic Fluid Dye

    The only one of which I'm aware is by John Deere. It's under $10 per bottle. I've not checked whether it's okay for warranty use.
  15. Roadworthy

    Best cold weather bib overalls?

    I just wear Carhart type insulated bib pants and a Carhart type coat.
  16. Roadworthy

    BX23 Starting Problem

    It could also be poor connection at the battery or ground, possibly even a low battery charge or a weak battery. they do get old and "tired".
  17. Roadworthy

    Issue with Pat's Quick Hitch

    You may have to adjust the bolts to get Pat's in line with your implement when you spread or narrow your lifting arms.
  18. Roadworthy

    Kubota B2150 Starter - best options?

    To what Dave said I will add that when the Bendix unit on my old Mitsubishi tractor failed a local starter shop would have repaired it but the price for a complete new starter was only slightly higher. On top of that he was right there in town whereas it could be more sticky returning a failed...
  19. Roadworthy

    Maintenance L1500

    Dave is a fount of good info. You can find some good cursory information at Tractor Data.
  20. Roadworthy


    Although a chart has been provided every part listed for the given US model may not fit the Japanese version. There may be some differences. You should be able to read the numbers off the glow plugs and find exact replacements, they are probably NGK. Be sure the ignition switch is actually...