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  1. kubotasam


    You need to disassemble the assembly to find out what is wrong with the spring. It should not be sticking out like it is. If you can get the collar to move back a little more you will expose the device that holds the collar on the yoke. What you need to remove will be some sort of a split ring...
  2. kubotasam

    B6000 Battery Charging Problem

    The dynamo produces AC current. It is changed to DC with a rectifier located under the dash. Your dynamo should produce approximately 30 volts ac with the wires coming from it disconnected and the engine at full throttle.
  3. kubotasam

    Need some help identifying mower deck.

    I have an operators manual if you need and info on the setup.
  4. kubotasam

    Need some help identifying mower deck.

    The parts in yellow bolt to the frame of the tractor. The parts in blue hang from the yellow and suspend the deck under the tractor. This mower deck does not use the bars that go to the front of the tractor.
  5. kubotasam

    Turnbuckle for check chains l3901

    The part you lost is called a "clevis". Should be available at most any hardware store. What you can purchase at a hardware or home center may not be as strong as the Kubota product. Maybe a supply store that specialized in chains and rigging.
  6. kubotasam

    Older B6000 namely I think 73-77

    Disconnect the 2 wires coming from the dynamo. If built like a B7100 their should be disconnects in the wires on the left side of the engine near the front. Measure the voltage across the 2 wires with a meter set to read AC voltage. With engine running a full throttle you should get a reading of...
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    Rear axle issue. B4200

    Something has broken inside the axel case. The axel is held in with a snap ring inside that case. Hopefully maybe the snap ring just broke.
  8. kubotasam

    b7100 dynamo

    I remember reading that you need to remove the head to replace the dynamo in the WSM/
  9. kubotasam

    New to me B7610

    You can grind the ends of the cotters to shorten them so the do not butt together. Then they should clamp tight to the axle. I guess it depends on how badly damaged they are.
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    New to me B7610

    The clamping parts are called "cotters" # 80 in the illustration. They can rust into the hub and be very difficult to remove even after the nut and bolt are loose and removed.
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    New to me B7610

    The large nut you referenced is on a bolt that travels through 2 round blocks with beveled ends. It forms a clamp to pinch the axel so the hub does not move. You need to get that nut to turn either by soaking it with penetrating oil or an impact wrench. Once loose then you my be able to tighten...
  12. kubotasam

    B6100D hydraulic pump

    I believe it is the one on the bottom of the pump. It will be the smaller diameter of the two pipes.
  13. kubotasam

    What's the ultimate 3-point sand/salt spreader?

    I would think that an electric actuator would be easier to make work than a hydraulic cylinder and also much less expensive. I do not have a Hurd spreader, but the controls on the spreader that I use move very easily. An electric actuator would move my controls just fine. Very important that...
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    Early first service B2601

    Messicks price
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    SSQA snow plows

    That is a Fisher Plow. The springs are compression springs. When the plow contacts something the bottom cutting edge folds back compressing the springs. On other plows with extension springs when you hit something the plow folds forward extending the springs. The Fisher does not have a bolt in...
  16. kubotasam

    La 302,352 arm width

    My LA352 measures 39" ----plus or minus 1/4". Hard to get an exact measurement as it is hanging on the wall as I still have the snow blower on the tractor.
  17. kubotasam

    B 7100 dry bushing sound

    I would start by jacking up one wheel at a time. Transmission in neutral and two wheel drive. Try turning each wheel as you have it in the air. Can you hear the sound at any particular wheel? My first guess would be a brake dragging but it could be a lot of different things. The grease fitting...
  18. kubotasam

    Stingy on fuel

    John Deere sold a large ag tractor labeled 4010. They also sold a small SCUT labeled 4010. Two totally different tractors.
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    Went to the toy store yesterday

    Where in Maine did you see the dealer with lots of tractors? I went to the Kubota dealer in Gorham and the lot was almost empty!
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    B7510 pto 540 or 980 rpm selection

    Just remember that when you have the rear PTO in the higher speed, the mid PTO is also spinning. It turns at 2500 rpm. If you are in tall grass the mid pto could get wound up with grass. If that happens it can damage the oil seal.