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  1. Parrothead127

    Kubota attire ... kind of an attachment.

    Very nice gift, you have some great friends!
  2. Parrothead127

    Simple effective tool to rake/grade uneven ground

    I would start with a landscape rake. get at least a 5’, 6’ would stick out past your tires about 6” each side allowing you get get next to trees, fences closer. I have one made by Dirt Dog, I like it over the other brands because the teeth are held on by 2 bolts, thus less twisting of the tines...
  3. Parrothead127

    Craigslist score

    I mowed for years with a finish mower, I like you liked how it followed contours in the yard. I have since moved to a z turn mower. If I didn’t have 46 trees to mow around in an acre and a half, I’d still be mowing with it. It did a better job and the tractor doesn’t beat me to death like the z...
  4. Parrothead127

    Fitting tiller PTO shaft to my L3000DT

    I agree with Russell, it looks a tad long. Put it back together if you can then attach it to your tractor, you should be ok. If you can’t, it’s too long. Remember when you slide it up on the PTO shaft it pulls apart. Full up or full down it separates the same length,it’s at its most compact dead...
  5. Parrothead127

    R14 tires on Bx2380

    Less wear on your yard than R4’s
  6. Parrothead127

    R14 tires on Bx2380

    Don’t know about the BX but I have them on my L2501 and have had no problems with anything, they are filled. I Like the traction they give.
  7. Parrothead127

    Fuel Transfer Tank Build (from old compressor tank)

    That’s sweet motion. I have the same old craftsman compressor tank. I’d love to do that but don’t have the welding skills for it.
  8. Parrothead127

    Engine issue

    Could be a dirty fuel filter as well, how long since you’ve serviced it?
  9. Parrothead127

    New B2601 reverse speed

    Reverse is always going to slower than forward speeds. As far as cutting in high range, it would probably depend on the height of the grass. I don’t have HST but I would think you wouldn’t have to run it full speed, a little slower. Your tractor will let you know by rpm’s. You can do a lot of...
  10. Parrothead127

    Fuel Jug Screen

    Get a Mr Funnel, it has a filter to remove water and debris. They’re a little pricey, but so are injectors. ;)
  11. Parrothead127

    Did anyone go from a zero turn to a Kubota BX for mowing?

    I went from a 16 hp MF diesel with a 5’ finish mower to a Toro z turn. I just got a L2501 w/ FEL Monday. I really considered a BX with MMM before settling on the L. Having said all that, I’d go back to a tractor for cutting grass in a New York minute. It’s a lot more relaxing to me, that z turn...
  12. Parrothead127

    Lift arm pins?

    Ace hardware will have them
  13. Parrothead127

    What is this?

    Ok, so what does it adjust? The seat spring tension?
  14. Parrothead127

    What is this?

    my bad trad, I’m stumped. It looks as though it is the lever to adjust the seat back and forth, but you mentioned it didn’t do anything. I’m curious too, so I’ll be looking forward to the answer as well. I’m supposed to get my L2501 this Saturday so I’ll check it out when it gets here. Could it...
  15. Parrothead127

    What is this?

    Refer back to post #5, the knob controls the speed of your 3 point hitch. Adjust as you raise and lower it.
  16. Parrothead127

    First post, please be gentle with me.. Fuel Starvation?

    Everyone should invest in a Mr Funnel. It has a filter in the funnel. You can fill the funnel with water, not a drop will come out you can then pour fuel in it and the fuel will pass thru. So it’s trapping dirt and debris and any water before it enters your tank. They are pricey at around 40...
  17. Parrothead127

    L2501 issue

    After you do all the above, you should invest in a Mr Funnel. It has a water/debris filter in it. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. You can fill it with water and it won’t let anything pass thru, you can then pour fuel thru it and the fuel will pass and leave the water. One of...
  18. Parrothead127

    Flat screen TV in a cold garage/shop

    I have an LCD tv on our screened porch. It’ll go out in a couple weeks when the pollen is done. It gets brought back in the house the first 32 degrees in the fall. I’ve always heard the liquid inside them will freeze. I don’t know but never took the chance.
  19. Parrothead127

    L2501 Owners with tillers

    You should be fine with it, I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos of people with L2501 pulling a 5’ tiller. I’ve been using a 4’ tiller with a 16 HP Massey Ferguson for years. Wind up the RPM‘s an you should be fine. I just ordered an L2501 Saturday, gear drive, FEL. I didn’t want to deal with...