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    D950 one cylinder white smoke on start-up

    I did a part rebuild of my d950 (rings and rod bearings) and she smokes like hell and misfires from one cylinder (no 2) at start-up. After about a minute or so the smoke stops and it runs fine. I know the smoke is unburnt fuel. So I'm thinking it's either compression, the injector or valve...
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    D1105 air in fuel lines (Youtube video). Help Please

    Hi I previously posted a thread about an odd problem I have with air bubbles in the fuel line which either prevents my engine from starting, or makes it quit a few seconds after running. I've now got round making a video which demonstrates the problem. The machine has been sat in the garage...
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    Another bubbles in the fuel line thread

    Hi I could do with some advice in identifying a fuel issue with an old d1105 3 cylinder that I’m trying to resurrect. The engine won’t start and at present I’m seeing lots of air in the overflow pipe that connects the injection pump to the injector overflow line. Whilst I’m cranking the engine...
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    Piston 2 or 3 bent or by design. d950

    Background I have and old Ransomes 213d highway mower that I use as a backup from time to time. It's powered by a Kubota d950 3 cylinder. I inherited the machine about 10 years ago and it's been fairly reliable albeit very hard to start and smoked like hell for the first 5 minutes of use...
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    Injector pump torque d950

    Does anybody know what the torque spec is for the 4 bolts that secure the injection pump on a d950? I'm guessing that if the shims control the timing, and I've not torqued the pump down correctly after removal then my injection timing could be out.
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    d1105 injectors don't spray.

    Hi I'm trying to resurrect a Kubota d1105 engine that's been sat idle in my barn for about 10 years. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to engines so I thought I would dive straight in and use it to teach myself some new skills. However, I'm having trouble getting it to start and have tried...