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  1. NCL4701

    Grapple Tine Length Question

    So, I have this Tar River 72” grapple. Got it with the initial tractor purchase 2 years/230 hours ago and have used (and arguably abused it) a ton. It’s great except for one thing which I’ve addressed to some degree with operator procedure modification (this is the first grapple I’ve used). I’ve...
  2. NCL4701

    Hydraulic Remote Covers

    Sometimes I like to tell others about my stupidity as it might be entertaining to those to whom it’s a no brainer basic error or might be useful to those as ignorant as me. This is one of those. Had the first weeping leak on a hydraulic quick connect at the front of the third function line for...
  3. NCL4701

    Rear Remotes, Top/Tail

    L4701 has no rear remotes. Just starting to consider putting rear remotes on mostly to accommodate a hydraulic top link and side link. Am thinking it would be useful for box blading (which I do a lot more of than anticipated when purchased) and at times a hydraulic top link would be useful for...
  4. NCL4701

    BX2230 Owner Manual

    Have a friend who inherited a BX2230 but no clue where the owner manual is. So far I’ve found a plethora of manuals online but nothing for that specific model. Anybody have a pdf of the owner manual or know where to get one?
  5. NCL4701

    Generator 3 Point v Trailer Mount

    I’ve wondered this in the past and saw the question in another venue recently but it was never answered. PTO generators, at least for small to medium tractors seem to come with either a 3 point mount or a trailer type wheel kit mount. What are the advantages / disadvantages of the trailer v 3...
  6. NCL4701

    L4701 Rear Wheel Adjustment

    Rear wheels on my L4701 were left narrow due to a couple of clearance issues on our property. Dealer made it quite clear (and manual seems to agree) they are adjustable on the 4701 even with the R4’s. Those clearance issues have been addressed so I’m thinking about adjusting them out. Running...
  7. NCL4701

    Tractors an Brush Burn Pits

    Farm type tractors loading burn pits that are burning is a very effective way to kill yourself. This came up again today at work and I haven’t seen anything on it before thus this post. I looked for some public record photos but haven’t found any and only ones I have aren’t public record so...
  8. NCL4701

    Tire Chains For Mud???

    I see a lot of folks on here using chains for snow. See some suppliers such as with varieties of chains that are also rated for mud. Anyone using chains for mud? If yes any thoughts or advice? I have clay and R4’s. 95% of what I’m doing the R4’s are preferable as there’s a lot of...
  9. NCL4701

    Operator Deck Mat v Linex

    This might be stupid, and if it is I trust someone will point that out, but having a shiny new (when I bought it) open station L4701 getting enough that the orange paint on the operator station deck is now down to the yellow primer and well on the way to bare metal bothers me. It stays in a...