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    I cross the chains. Is it going to save me from a problem? It might, but I really do not know, there are a lot of factors that can affect things. Is going to cause a problem? None I am aware of. The only downside is potentially making the chains too short on full turns, easy to check. Is there...
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    Start Up?

    How old is the fuel?
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    I've seen quite a few black rat snakes this year, harmless except to mice! A few years back we had mountain rattlers here, probably captured by some one and then let go. One was about 3~4' and the rest all 12" babies. I've 'might of' eliminated all the rattlers as it is illegal to do so. The few...
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    Cheap way to add a blue tooth radio to a kubota cab tractor

    BlueTooth adapters are dirt cheap, like under $20. You connect to tractor power. You tune your radio to a FM frequency not in use and pair your device. This one just plugs into the aux power outlet, give you two USB charging ports too...
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    How to price a job

    Ditto. I'd invoice it every time at the $150 and then a line item for 'Neighbor Discount' 50%
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    Same Container / less product

    Seen it all my life. Packages get smaller until the 'new and improved giant size' comes out, which ends up being the same size it was a year previously but twice the price. Though I tell my wife, one size fits all.
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    Found bolt under BX on garage floor

    No paint on it makes me question if it is even from your BX.
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    Storage? Portable Canopy Garage, door is too short.

    I'd considered that but I was thinking the two layers would trap moisture and encourage pests nesting.
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    How about that Elon Musk huh?

    There is a time and a place for all discussions. You do not talk about sex with five year olds or about how you were a bit tipsy driving home last month to the police. You do not tell the guy with an alternator problem that he is wrong because of how he voted. You do not tell your CO that you...
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    Storage? Portable Canopy Garage, door is too short.

    I'd considered it but... The cover has pockets frame tubes slip in. To 'double up' I'd have to notch the cover and cut short sections of tubing out to make the joints. So far, the frame has survived fine. To clear it of snow, I walk inside it with my big STHIL BR800 back pack blower and aim it...
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    Storage? Portable Canopy Garage, door is too short.

    I've had one of these over my BX for about six years. Stuck in the woods. A few tree branches penetrated, duct taped them up. A lot of very heavy wet snow and the framing has survived, I think having well staked prevents the sides from movement and collapse. The cover/tarp is cheap compared to a...
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    How about that Elon Musk huh?

    I think I am glad Musk bought Twitter. Too much censoring. Yelling 'Fire' in a theater is a problem, for the person yelling 'Fire'. It is not the theaters (Twitters) fault. Any person that is 'hurt' by words said in the 'Theater' One, should not go to the movies and Two, grow a pair. Sticks and...
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    does anyone make a gearbox to increase pto speed for generator?

    'Rough' was an understatement, my 'push' was to think beyond basics. Like a 40 HP engine making 40 hp no matter the gearing rpm or design parameters. A genset load varying but the engine rpm being able to hold steady irrespective of load (without adjustment). To see how gearing affects output...
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    does anyone make a gearbox to increase pto speed for generator?

    Wastefull, sort of but not entirely. There is a difference between no load rpm and load rpm and the amount of throttle needed to maintain it. A laymans example is driving a car on a flat road. Loafing along at 2,200 rpm, foot barely on the pedal. Apply a load (go up a hill) and while the rpm...
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    does anyone make a gearbox to increase pto speed for generator?

    Many speed reducers can be installed 'backwards' to function as speed increasers. Gensets frequency is a function of genset rotor rpm, typically either 1800 or 3600 rpm. Rough example/mindset: If you use a RPM speed increaser, say 2X, you will more or less have to have 2X the HP available at...
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    Kubota Women

    Unfortunately, my wife is terrified of 'power anything'. I have forcred her to ride a motorcycle (went 30'). Has driven teh Sears Garden tractor for about five minutes in 23 years. Drove the kubota 5', raised and lowered the FEL a little. But running power equipment, it does not matter the...
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    L245DT Stopped Working in 4WD - Bolts for Front Differential Ring Gear Sheared - Pics - Repair Summary

    Surprised with the failure, top notch repair! The only over kill I might of done was safety wire the bolts
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    Fuel prices

    Most cordless tools today have brushless motors. The switch is a low amp, low voltage potentiometer that control a PWM circut. Nearly 100% safe. Not like the old Sears plug in drills of 1964 that showered sparks!
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    What happened to my Kubota?

    My tractor usage is in spurts. It'll sit for many months and the suddenly, get five hours a day for a week. I have about 250 hours on it now. One fuel related issue (alge), the first filter was black and crusty. I try to keep algecide in my fuel and I keep the tank filler right to the very top...
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    Front Axel Case Kabota L305, 305DT

    @North Idaho Wolfman seems to have a pretty good inventory and knowlede of where hard to find parts are.