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    Parting out B7100

    If you are looking for B7100 parts, check the Springfield Mo craigslist under Farm/Garden. Not mine, but someone is parting one out. Dash, fenders, wheels & tires, steering wheel, hood. Looks like its in descent condition. Good luck. I might be able to help with pay/shipping. Might.
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    44” rear turf tires

    I have a set of nice 44x18-20 turf tires/wheels. They are in very nice shape. No cuts, cracks or issues. I do not have front tires to sell. $600
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    B2400 for sale - Project tractor or may part out.

    I have a B2400 that has been sitting for several years. I don't have pics right now but will within a few days I hope. It has about 1200 hours, I think. Turf tires, loader, 4WD, Bi-Speed turn. It has a bad HST. It got very weak. Loader worked fine, but wouldn't pull. Haven't tried to...