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    searched and not found: what front snowblower mounts are compatible with an LX?

    And all different than my B2650 63" B2782b front blower and subframes.
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    B2650 pro will not engage…

    The parking brake also needs to be engaged to operate the pto while off of the seat with our B2650 tractors. I know you've bypassed the seat switch somehow, so that shouldn't make a difference, but it might depend on exactly how you modded the seat switch? I found out about the park brake...
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    using the grapple or backhoe to remove brush

    That backhoe with thumb will rip those bushes out for you. But with only 2 hours experience on it it will take some time at first. I spent some hours before the brain started to "disconnect" from what my arms and hands were doing unconsciously with enough repetitions. Now I don't have to think...
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    The right way to engage pto

    With my B2650HSD I set rpm to a strong idle then gradually push the PTO lever forward until the PTO starts to engage. I can actually feel while pushing the lever where the engagement point starts for the PTO drive, there's a slight stiffening in its travel. I hold the lever there for a sec while...
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    Grease stuff

    When i bought my tractor in fall 2017 I bought a 10-pack of Lucas X-Tra HD grease tubes online. Can't find a box now, but the 3-pack mentioned is a good buy.
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    B2650 No Start, No Crank

    First off my B2650 has no parking brake warning indicator, it's a 2017. But you say yours does? My op manual says that indicator is only on the B3350/3350SU only. Haven't noticed one on mine! Could use one, though. Have forgotten too many times to release the parking brake and carrying on work...
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    Found bolt under BX on garage floor

    A nearly new tractor? Could it be a forgotten/dropped remnant of its packing crating? Sat around on the tractor somewhere until it decided to roll off in you shop?
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    LX2610 lower link arms Sway Bar/Stabilizer Pins

    Found these on, ordered a pair. "Puch Botton" Lock Quick Release Pin
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    LX2610 lower link arms Sway Bar/Stabilizer Pins

    Ouches$$$$. A pair before taxes and shipping in CAD$ would be a $100+ hit. Not there yet.
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    Hearing Protection

    Worktunes Connect owners, watch out for this. Especially if you wear anything over the headset, like a hood. I'm trying to figure out a way to repair and reinforce this left side insulation break before a conductor breaks or shorts and it cuts out. And reinforce the right side too. I've taken...
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    Pallet fork attachment to bucket

    Maybe one more thing? I didn't see mentioned here the possibility of using your 3-point hitch for a pallet fork attachment. 3 Point Pallet Fork Frame Attachment with Fork Blades - Fits Cat I & II Tractors | Titan Attachments (
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    Tractor Joy ride

    Once my parking lot in the winter is scraped down to solid ice it's donuts time with the tractor. Snow blower on front and box-blade on back, rops up of course and belt on, a little brake and steer to one side while moving and wheeeee!!!!!.... Controlled 4-wheel-drift donuts. Actually getting...
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    B50 series w/ROPS owners, watch out for this...

    I operated my box blade with the ROPS folded fully down for the first time this spring. Then I was wondering what the f*** bent my top link, and also the inner bar of the adjustable right side anti-sway linkage, when I went to change the 3-point over from the BB to the trailer hitch receiver...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    With pallet forks and hitch on, I pulled the 5x10 dumper trailer into the back 80 to collect more woodchips to haul home and cleanup firewood site. It's likely the last haul as the road is turning to mush! Forked the spread-out tamarack branches and tops together into a centralized pile near...
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    Filter source for maintenance

    I have 2 fuel and 2 primary (the big paper filer) air filters to rotate into service at service times. The spare air and fuel filters get washed and dried out ready for the next service. Clear kerosene rinse for the fuel filter. Warm water, detergent, and thorough rinsing and drying for the air...
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    Filter source for maintenance

    Stick with the OEM filters and lubricant. OTT has LOTS of questions and commentary about non-Kubota oil filters vs OEM. The majority by far, from what I've gleaned, is don't f*** around paying a bit less for potentially, and it seems sometimes actual, filter performance losses.
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    B2650 Hst Pedal not returning

    Clean and lube the treadle's linkages and springs/dampers that are under the floor deck. You'll find out while working around under there if there's anything obstructing it or if something is loose or malfunctioning. I spray a coating Fluid Film on the assembly when it's general maintenance/lube...
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    B2782B auger gearbox oil change

    This is about my blower auger reduction gear box. Manual transmission synchros are a big concern when it comes to EP additives in GL-5 oils, but GL-4/GL-5 compatible means there's additives to protect yellow metals from corrosion. Unfortunately finding product data with copper corrosion test...
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    LX2610 buying help - HP question

    My B2650 handles my old 60" Woods Dixie-Cutter M5-4 so far so good, but I'm not going to push the mower through some heavy stuff I'm sure it would handle well with a higher HP PTO. But because it's a little under-powered, the mower shouldn't break or wear out as quickly, I'm guessing. I made...
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    B2782B auger gearbox oil change

    Thx very much for the research and info, I'm going to email CTire for the product info on this lube. I use it for other equipment so it being compat would be a bonus! how did you find citgo made the 80W-90 EP lube? I looked for a while online and some CTire employee answered somewhere it's all...