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  1. Goz63

    New Stihl bike handle trimmer

    So I bought a new Stihl FS131 with the bike handle for trimming areas that are too much for a standard loop handled weed wicker. Figured I would get it before the real lawn mowing season starts in a month here on the gulf coast. Anyone used this style and what are your thoughts on it?
  2. Goz63

    Shipping issues

    So we have been talking about shipping issues in several threads. Here is another one lol. to put this in perspective Mobile is 40 miles to the east of me, GulfPort is 35 miles west of me, I live in Vancleave, and Biloxi is 25 miles west of me. So from midnight yesterday my package has zigzaged...
  3. Goz63

    Light bar

    Looking to add a light bar to my L2501. Moving hay after dark is problematic with the loader covering most of the headlights. I know there is a work light hook up under the left rear fender. I a told this is only good for 10 amps. Not much to choose from for lights at that amperage. Any good...
  4. Goz63

    Rotary cutter.

    Looking for thoughts on the back of my LP RCR1860 rotary cutter. It has the solid plate. Getting some clumping when mowing the pasture. Would like the chain guard but $160 seems steep. Can’t do that right now. Don’t want to waste the money on the rubber one. How dangerous is it really to just...
  5. Goz63

    Stump bucket

    Does anyone have first hand experience with the Titan stump bucket? From what I read the extreme stump bucket needs more HP than my L2501. I am concerned that the front does not have the tines but has a welded straight piece. How sturdy is that? If you break a time on the extreme you can unbolt...
  6. Goz63


    So I have been using a pull behind spreader and towing behind one of our for wheelers. We are on our second one and the are terrible. They use the wheels to drive the spreader wheel. So we want to upgrade to a 3point, PTO driven one. I think the poly cone ones look better as we live in the Deep...
  7. Goz63

    Barnyard update

    The rain has finally stopped so I can get to work on the barnyard. Has been composting dirt with horse manure for s3veral years so going to move that dirt to where we are going to put the garden. Now getting the sand to replace it. Better drainage for the Deep South rain. Befor and after pics...
  8. Goz63

    When your tractor arrived.

    802Driver posted a picture of when his LX2610 arrived and said the picture still makes him grin. Well I know how he feels. So here is a picture of when my L2501 arrived last month. Dreamed about that day for years. so post your pictures of when your tractor arrived. Here is mine.
  9. Goz63

    New tractor grease

    So I just got my new Kubota L2501. It is my first tractor. Noticed you need a moly-lithium grease for every 10 hours. Will Red N Tacky do the trick or is this some special grease for the wear and tare of a tractor.
  10. Goz63

    Land Pride RCR 1860

    Just purchased my first tractor, a Kubota L2501. I also have a Land Pride RCR1860. I have been told to just take the rear plate off the cutter but I also see you can get rubber or chain guards. I like the chain idea better but for $160+ that seems steep. Do you really need it? I will be well...