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    Tempture readings with a IR

    What tempture does a thermostat open on BX 2360? Is 212 A high reading at the sending unit while mowing tall grass. Doesnt seem to be hot but guage is almost to the red. Can anyone give me some ohm readings for the sending unit at different temptures?
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    Where to mount.

    I ordered A wicked 55 grapple. They have sent the 3rd functiin valve ahead of time so i unboxed it and laid it out. Which side of the loader do i put the connects up front? Does the grapple come with the hoses preferring one side or the other? And do you orentate the bracket foward or to the rear?
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    My Grand L 3130 with a 723 loader has the pin on bucket. Called EA today and they said to look at their, i thought he said WR long open bottom model, as that is for pin on type mount. Anyone seen or used this type as it looks much different than the 55?
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    BX 5450 snow blower

    Might be going to look at a 5450 blower with a 2751 hitch. I have the BX 2360 tractor. Is this model considered heavy duty?
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    Driveline refresh

    Getting close to starting the driveline overhaul. Already bought the boots and balls even a fan while I'm there and the spring that is close by that returns everything to neutral. I have spent alot if time researching how but i see lt all depends. My BX 2360 has a floorboard that can be...
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    Snowblower for A Grasshopper

    I have a model 412 blower attachment that fits my 721D Grasshopper. Very very little use. Looking to sell or trade for a front mount blower setup for my BX 2360. $1400.00 or do some trading. Located south eastern Indiana.
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    BX driveline question.

    For those that have taken the ends off and replaced and greased what do you find? My 2360 with 850 hours has its boots dry rotted but no evidence of oil or grease flying out. I ordered everything I could come up with including the fan and the spring that returns the pedal to neutral. As luck...
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    Belly pan on the way!

    BX EXPANDED sent a email that it is on the way. I have been waiting to use the Landpride bush hog untill i can get the bottom covered on my Bx 2360. I did put the bush hog on when i first got the tractor and equipment only to find grass wrapping around the driveline shaft, thankfully no damage...
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    BX levers watch out.

    i have a cousin that also has a BX so we have been talking BX lately. I just heard that he rolled it but is ok. I called him to find out what happened. Apperantly he was mowing in a spot he had done a hundred times before. A downhill slope but there was a root he wanted to clear so without...
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    BX 2360 driveline boots?

    If my tractor doesn't have the bracket on the crank that you can also remove to get enough clearance to do this job the only alternative is to unbolt the engine and move it foward correct? I have spent a considerable ammount of time reading up on this procedure and was convinced i could do it...
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    Learned something about a BX fuel tank

    At least so far today. Have been getting to know my BX 2360 for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday i continued mowing with the belly mower. This tractor has shown it can handle even the tallest grass without straining, note the deck has to be able to rid of cut grass quickly ot it will bog down. I...
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    New Bonnet

    Just picked up an new one today for mx BX 2360. Just asking how to secure the screw downs? Is there a large flat washer only or is there a rubber washer to help make the tabs last better?
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    Driveline too short

    New to me tractor and tiller. BX2360 with a Landpride 542 tiller. I put a QH05 quick hitch on and now driveline comes apart. Where can i find just replacement tubes so i can lengthen the driveline. The yokes have a roll pin i see to drive out
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    BX 2230 mid pto

    I have seen A 2230 with 1000 hrs for sale. Guy tells me the mid pto makes a bad noise when engaged. Says rear works, can drive it without noise. Wants $3250.00 for it and the deck. What am I looking at in parts. I am a retired mechanic but of course never into one of these. Called my Kubota...
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    Bx trans oil change

    Question about changing the hydrostatic oil. Do you warm it up good like engine oil and change or change cool? Had big plans today, took ft tires and rims in for tubes, i even asked do you have the tubes, we should they said, not, found out at 4:45 when i called. So do i wait or go ahead with...
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    New to me BX2360 maintence find.

    I have been going over the tractor catching it up on the basics. I have been using it to mow with a finish mower to see what might leak or break. Why did someone take the temp sender out of the rear of the head and put it into the top of the thermostat housing, where you are to bleed air out on...
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    Loader fitment

    Will a La 344 fit a Bx 2360
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    Craigslist score

    I have been looking for a finish mower for the back of my BX 2360. I like the way they mow blowing out the back. Found some decent looking used ones but the new ones seemed priced too high when you do see them. Looked again this morning and saw a FRD 1660 listed as used very little, and it...
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    PTO and lift arm covers.

    Someone please school me on the covers for the two. I have a leak on my BX 2360 and believe it might be comming from the lift arm cover but not sure yet. There is a oil line one the top cover that is looking like it needs removed to get the cover off. Can they be removed seperatly or does the...
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    Grill guard

    Will a Kubota grill guard fit with the front suitcase weights. Dealer just called and they have a NOS one they will sell at a discount? No loader.