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  1. ravensview

    RPM drop

    Hello All, I’ve got another quick question for the forum, I have a bx23s and lately the rpm’s have been slowly dropping off while running. I warm up the machine till it registers on the white temp gauge, then when I throttle up to run, 3200 rpm’s or so it runs at that rpm’s but slowly drops...
  2. ravensview

    No start bx23s and oil leak

    Hello All, I am in need of some guidance on where to look or what could be wrong, I have a 2019 bx23s bought new in Nov of 2019 with 197 hrs on it, I use the white diesel additive in my diesel during the cold months. A week or so ago, I started it up to let it warm up to move some snow...
  3. ravensview

    Positioning valve?

    Hello all, was just thinking a little today (usually gets me in some kind of trouble), about the inching valve for the three point hitch on a bx23s. I haven’t even used mine yet as the back hoe has been on it since I got the tractor and been in daily use, but I have some grading and contouring...
  4. ravensview

    Auxilary lights on a bx23s

    Hello All, does anyone have a clear wiring diagram for a bx23s, I am hoping to install some auxiliary lighting on my rops for this winters snow blowing, I would like it too be wired so the tractor has to be on and running to operate, I am planning on adding a dashboard mounted on/off switch. thanks
  5. ravensview

    Bx23s backhoe hydraulic fluid leak?

    Hello All, I have less than a year old bx23s, I have used the front end loader and backhoe quite a bit and have been awed by what it has been able to dig up both stone wise and stumps just takes some time and finesse, any ways I dug out a fairly decent size stump yesterday and when done noticed...
  6. ravensview

    Bx23s wheel spacers and grapple questions

    Hello, I have a couple of questions for those who are using and running these accessories on a bx23s, first off wheel spacers anybody using them on a bx23s? Any issues with them? I am looking into them mostly so I can install rear chains in the winter, but also to add some extra stability, also...
  7. ravensview

    Best implement for grading— new house site?

    Hello all, I am looking to get info on what the best implement would be to grade around a newly built home site, I am running a bx23s, I need to regrade some areas (like the slope away from the basement foundation, and lower deck area location, I also need to do some recountering of areas, then...
  8. ravensview

    FEL capacity rating?

    Hello All, This may seem like a dumb question too many, but it’s still a question that I have, I am looking at getting some pallet forks for a 2019 bx23s, while looking at weights of them and my loader capacity I had a question pop into my noggin, When they list loader capacities for tractors is...
  9. ravensview

    most usefull implements for property maintenance

    Hello All, I have a couple of questions on implements, first off I have run skid steers, mini excavator, and a john deere 4050 with backhoe, bucket and snow blower, that being said I had never owned one myself, will I changed that last Nov and after looking at a lot of different tractors from...
  10. ravensview

    bx23s tires?

    Hello All, first time posting on here, anybody know why ag tires are not offered as an option on the bx23s series tractor, also has anybody run the new style tire that came out recently I believe that they are r14's or something like that. Also has anybody run chains on there bx on the fronts...