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    Retorque wheel and FEL bolts

    I checked mine at 50 hours and the majority moved. Again at 100 hours and 150 hours some moved. 200 hours was first interval nothing moved. Still check, but no movement past 200 hours.
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    Dead 110 outlet

    Know nothing about that specific generator. I’m assuming you also have a 220V outlet. I would start by checking the 220V outlet to confirm you have 220V between the two hot legs and 110 between each hot and the neutral. If you’ve got a dead hot leg there also that would be consistent with one of...
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    At least your chains have some separation. I do cross chains more out of habit than any physics argument, but try crossing the chains on this: 8800lb GVW Winnebago that has both chains attached to the same ring. 🙄
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    Back when my father had a garden across the drive from my front yard, we used the Havahart live traps baited with whatever they’d been eating recently in the garden. The traps make them much easier to shoot.
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    Agree with that. It’s been a successful strategy in our yard and shop areas. Remove the prey and the predators leave.
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    I’ve always been good with snakes but not copperheads. They’re not very big and they’re well camouflaged in leaf litter so they’re not easily seen and they can be anywhere here. At least with cotton mouths, you know they aren’t going to be up a ridge somewhere hunkered down under a log...
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    Grand L travel mug.

    For water or Gatorade I’ve found the 20 oz Gatorade bottles work quite well with the cup holder on mine. They don’t collect quantities of airborne stuff like the Tervis I had with me yesterday. To the Tervis’ credit, the seal on the lid is good enough the dust stayed on the lid and didn’t make...
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    Grand L warning beacon mount.

    That’s a great upgrade if you ever run it on the road.
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    Grand L travel mug.

    You can add that to the list of stuff that’s nice about having a cab. When I went out at dawn to brush hog yesterday, I took a quart of coffee in a travel mug. Finished the first section, figured the coffee had cooled enough to drink and thankfully looked at the top of the mug before popping it...
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    Cheapskate Work Benches

    Nice! When we built our house 30 years ago I was in a similar spot, needing a workbench but tapped out from just finishing the house. Spent a morning patching something together with construction scraps until I could afford a proper workbench. Since then, I’ve added a magnifying lamp, a couple...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Glad you added that. Getting the seed trees would require at least selective logging off well over 100 mature trees even if it was just selective cut of the sweet gums that drop gum balls on the grass area. Not worth all that… But I’ll keep mowing them. 🙂
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Thanks. I might have to eventually so I appreciate the recommendation. For now, I’m looking for control v total eradication so the bar for success is pretty low.
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    Battery mower for cutting a tiny area?

    For 60 SF I would use our Kobalt 24V weed eater. Not worth changing the blade for the string head and cranking the Stihl or even the little Honda push mower.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    It was forecast to be hot and humid today so mowing started about 6am before it got hot. I really like this diesel can I’ve had for about 35 years. It’s just right to sit on the dash and drain itself. The below pic is the problem. Until this year, I’ve only been able to mow it once a year and...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    No clue why your wife wants a worm bed. I think we all know why you did it. Wife wants something; you can do it; you’re not a jerk; understanding why isn’t always required.
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    Ever have this problem with your seat?

    No, but the loader on mine has similar issues.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Lower part of the graveled switchback going to the dam had a silted in ditch on one side and was starting to wash down the middle. Hydraulic sidelink made cleaning the ditch and smoothing the path a quick touch up job. Much easier to touch up this sort of thing once in a while than to let it go...
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    Extreme Tire Repairs - Two methods

    Amazing what some people can do with so little.
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    There’s a rather lengthy discussion of pond v lake and limnology in general here: If I can stand on one side at the widest point and hit the trees on the opposite side with a 3” 12 gauge 00...
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    That is getting it narrowed quite a bit. Sounds like you need to pick a boom mower sufficient to do what is needed on the property, select a cabbed tractor sufficient to run it (preferably at least one size bigger than the bare minimum requirement), and either get a HST or creep function if gear...