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    What if there were no swear words

    If you burned your hand a few more times I'm sure you'd come up with something.
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    G1800 known issues?

    I posted a thread in the buyers guide section and didn't get any response so I thought I'd try it here. Are there known issues I should look if I was looking at a G1800 with all wheel steering?
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    The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History

    yeah, getting to the point aint his forte.
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    Daily Chuckle

    How many times do you think he's going to get his safety harness wrapped around the tree when he pulls the trigger.
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    Minerals for Deer

    My cedars and long needled pines have been browsed as high as the deer can reach. I figure that if I can get some legumes growing in the lawn they'll help me with the mowing.
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    Minerals for Deer

    That will happen on the Wednesday after taco Tuesday...
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    Minerals for Deer

    The lift pump cover or the salt block?
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    G1800 AWS with deck and snowblower

    Thinking about looking at a G1800 AWS diesel with deck, blade, and snotblower. Are they known for any issues? ie weak hydro, decks that rust out or eat spindle bearings, that type of thing.
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    Minerals for Deer

    I had about 5 deer licking the concrete cover for my lift pump the other day. I picked up a salt block with trace minerals on my way home. I live on very sandy soil, so the ground doesn't hold much for minerals. What does everyone use for minerals that they put out for deer?
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    Not a lot of options under 48" either.
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    Disadvantages of a 48" disc harrow on an L2501?

    To be clear the dead furrow will also have a track in the bottom of it. I have a 4 foot harrow disk that I'm going to try to pull with my L1500. I suspect that the speed will be slower than I'd like but it will do it.
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    Disadvantages of a 48" disc harrow on an L2501?

    Trying to cover a track with a moldboard plow will leave another track and a dead furrow.
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    Planting clover

    I might reach out to an extension agent. Anyone ever deal with pheasants forever? i've heard that they do some consulting for habitat and have equipment to loan out to boot.
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    Planting clover

    Thanks, Ayak. It appears as though the 40lb bags of lime I've bought aren't going to do $hit, and neither will the spreader that holds 85 lb.
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    Planting clover

    I can tell that the soil is acidic by what grows and what doesn't. The soil test would be good for telling me how much lime to apply, but I'm not worried about making the soil alkaline with lime. Pretty tough to do with soil this sandy. There's dutch white or some sort of micro clover in the...
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    Planting clover

    I have a few acres that I want some sort of legume on. I'm on sand. It needs lime which I'll be putting down this spring. Now I understand that the lime will take some time to work and that fall is a better time to plant, but I want to get a quarter acre sample or 2 down this spring. The land...
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    Tiller use question

    Vegetation will often wrap up in the tiller if it's too long.
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    homemade wood splitter idea. could it work?

    I wonder if it's a seasonal item. Most of them go on push mowers.
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    Stonehenge in England

    So is that spring ahead or fall back?