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    Kubota L35 TLB - Gear Shift Change Mechanism

    Nice job. How's it working?
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    Kubota M9540 and BH2615L

    Pretty sure a 9540 will pull a 15ft. mower on level ground. Not sure about stopping at the bottom of a hill. Learning that 4x4 will help. Now I'm learning that new machines are in short supply, there is a 10% surcharge, and they won't be available till spring. Talked to a fishing buddy...
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    Kubota M9540 and BH2615L

    Thanks for your response. Do you pull a 15 ft. batwing with your M7040? How does your machine handle it? Do you operate on hilly terrain? Your post made me realize that my rear tires are are weighted so my machine is a little heavier.
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    Kubota M9540 and BH2615L

    Looked at the spec sheet for the BH2615L. With the chains, etc. it comes in a little over 5K lbs. My tractor with a Stoll front loader doesn't weigh much more than that, maybe 7.5K lbs. I'm sure the 9540 will spin the blades, my concern (and the seller's) is that the Kubota might get pushed...
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    Kubota M9540 and BH2615L

    Hello all. New owner of an older Kubota M9540. Tractor is in good condition with no known issues. This is the gear model, 8 speeds (4x4) with the regular shuttle (have to step on the clutch). I'm looking to match it up with a batwing mower to maintain about 70 acres of pasture fields. There is a...
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    Kubota L3901HST engine problem/not starting?

    Sounds like it was an accident that caused the problem. Maybe covered by insurance? Hope all turns out well.
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    L3130-DT-F Periodic Shutdown

    Always good to hear of a happy ending. Always good when the original poster follows up with information to help the group. Thanks rob
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    M9540 Dash indicator lights not working:

    OK. Heard back from the seller. He said they went through the wiring and found the following: The pto indicator is working properly. (big deal for me) The glow plug / heater indicator works if you supply voltage to it but is not coming on because it's too warm outside. He said that it should...
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    HST Issues on a L series

    Did you check the connection between the pedal and the trans.?
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    B7500 Instrument Panel Circuits Oxidation Help

    WOW Great thread. I learned something today. Thanks
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    M9540 Dash indicator lights not working:

    Good idea. I really want to trust people. It just keeps getting harder but I do believe the seller is a good guy. thanks
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    M9540 Dash indicator lights not working:

    Thanks Dave. It's a ROPS model. Has the shuttle, 4wd. I don't have the serial #. Agree with your suggestion to let a Kubota tech troubleshoot the problem. It would be money well spent. Zero chance of getting a Kubota tech out to this machine. I offered the dealer (owner) an extra $300 to figure...
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    M9540 Dash indicator lights not working:

    Thank you for your reply: The tractor is pre-emission: It has 3300 hours displayed on the dash. Some parts of the dash work properly. When I first spoke to the dealer, he indicated that the machine worked well with no issues. Like you , I didn't do a great job inspecting it. The dealer is...
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    M9540 Dash indicator lights not working:

    Hello, everyone, new to the forum. Looking at a used M9540. Tractor seems to run fine. However, when the key is placed in the "on" position the glow plug indicator light doesn't work. The tractor starts fine. Also, other indicator lights are also not working, 4wd, park brake , etc. Four wheel...