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    For Sale, RCK48R-21G deck shell, GCK500-DS bagger parts

    took off GCK500-DS bagger and RCK48R-21G deck. deck has 2 spindles out, and bad gearbox. bagger has some hole is in material, have basket assy and frame. deck shell $125, drive shaft $175, bagger & frame $125. see anything else you what priced to buy separately, let me know, have pulleys...
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    G2160 steering issue

    I recently purchased a used G2160-R48S that I knew had a steering issue. it will turn 15 degrees left or right just fine. after that it turns really hard. i know i will have to diagnose further, but to start, am i looking at a power steering unit under the steering wheel or the rack and pinion...
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    SOLD: Rolling A Frame Hoist

    REDUCED Rolling A Frame gantry hoist w/trolley and chain hoist. Trolley is rated at 1/2 ton. Continuous chain, chain hoist is rated at 1 ton. It is 8' between the legs. The width is 5' between the wheels. 4" steel wheels. Bottom of trolley eye to ground is 98 1/2". Trolley will travel 66" side...
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    bucket level indicator LA203 loader

    I did not like the gauge on the bucket, wanted a true bucket level indicator rod that was not in the way, since there is not one available for this model, I looked at the newer ones and started planning. Used misc. metal from my shop, cut, welded, drilled and came up w/this. I have the quick...
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    make BX2334 a folding grill guard

    i recently got a hold of a new BX2334 relatively cheap. noticed if i want to remove side covers, had to unbolt grill guard, unacceptable. i ground the welds best i could, then used sawsall w/metal blade and finished cuts. made 2 extra plates, drilled some holes, had my brother weld up, paint...
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    BX1860 armrest

    in the BX__60 accessory list, they do not list armrest if not on the seat, even though you may have the 3 bolt holes on each side. B7358 is a kit for a different tractor that bolt right up. if you have a seat w/o armrest, a 50, 60 or 70 w/the holes as in the 2nd pic, the kit should fit.