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  1. jyoutz

    Winter in New Mexico

    It’s been a dry winter so far. That changed yesterday. Photo from my driveway while walking to barn to fire up MX.
  2. jyoutz

    Seat cover for MX6000 with armrests

    Has anyone found a seat cover that fits the new MX tractors with armrests? I would like to cover that vinyl because it’s hot in summer and cold in winter. I have searched the Durafit covers and can’t find one that fits.
  3. jyoutz

    Hole or slot?

    I‘ve owned my MX6000 for about 6 weeks. Before this tractor, I owned a 20+ year old JD. The JD had a turnbuckle adjustment for the lower lift arms; my MX has the new pin holes and slots design for adjustment of the lower lift arms. I’m wondering which is the best method for adjustment: limit...
  4. jyoutz

    Cell phone mount for open station tractor

    Does anyone have a good solution for mounting a cell phone securely in an open station tractor? I don’t want a cup phone mount because I like to use the cup holder for it’s intended purpose.
  5. jyoutz

    Install usb charging port

    I’m not very savvy with electrical wiring for 12 volt electrical systems. I’m installing 2 LED lights on my MX6000 open station (with canopy). I understand that install because it has a wiring kit with relay, switch, and battery connectors. I’d also like to install a USB port so I can keep my...
  6. jyoutz

    LED lights

    I’m thinking about installing Led lights on the canopy of my MX6000. A eight inch flood/spot bar facing forward, and a 4 inch work light facing the rear. I have easy attachment locations under the roof of my canopy to do this. My question relates to wiring. I can buy a wiring harness for the...
  7. jyoutz

    Bison rear blade

    I’m looking for a rear blade for my MX6000. None of the Kubota dealers within reasonable distances have any Landpride heavy duty 7’ rear blades in stock. I’m wanting a blade with manual offset and tilt capability. One local Mahindra dealer is selling Bison blades. They have a heavy duty model...
  8. jyoutz

    Sometimes you get lucky

    I was on a waiting list for a MX HST tractor with about 5 different dealers; all told me not to expect anything for a least 9 months. Yesterday I was called by a dealer in an adjacent state; they have a MX6000 that someone ordered and declined to buy. I’m the lucky one who will take delivery in...
  9. jyoutz

    Time for greasing everything

    I’m getting ready for fall servicing and curious if one type of grease is better for greasing tractor and loader components.
  10. jyoutz

    New MX5400 tire options

    I’m planning to buy a new MX5400 in the spring. I was just looking at the Kubota tractor builder and saw that R14 tires are now an option on this tractor. I was planning to get R4 tires because R1 is too aggressive in creating ruts and not as good for loader work. My typical uses: loader work...
  11. jyoutz

    Tire options

    I have had a small JD tractor for the past 20 years. Later this year I plan to upgrade to a L3901 HST with loader and 5' rotary cutter. My needs: I live on 20 acres in northern NM at 6800' elevation. My land is flat to gently rolling with grass and scattered pinyon and juniper trees. I use the...