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  1. KbotaL185DT

    Momentarily losing a function

    Today while doing some loader work I lost use of my bucket down function. All other functions preformed as they should but the down function went really slow. After about 30 seconds of this it kicked out of it and worked just fine. Any thoughts? Maybe an air pocket? This happened once before as...
  2. KbotaL185DT

    Can you swap out the 1/4 inching valve?

    Can you swap out the quarter inching valve for position control valve?
  3. KbotaL185DT

    Tie down points

    Built these tie down hooks for trailering. Just used a thick wall angle iron and angled the edges.
  4. KbotaL185DT

    Kubota L185DT Preservation Project

    I recently inherited my grandfathers old tractor and I started a restoration/ preservation project on it. First night I got the hood off, battery out and on the charger and started wire brushing/ wire wheeling rusty spots. Stripped and painted the battery tray.