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    I have 2012 MX4700 Hydrostat 4x4 loader tractor I'm gonna sell . It's been kept in my shed it's whole life and only used to bushog my air strip mostly . Also use it around my house and it has the R4 tires on it , with fluid in the rear tires only . It has a canopy and LED light bar and hand holt...
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    swapping out tires and wheels question

    I have a MX4800 4x4 with R4 tires that I like for my use around home as they don't tear up the yard or grass strip I mow . The size tires on the MX4800 4x4 are 1200x16.5 on the front and 17.5L-24's on the rear . I recently just purchased a MX5200 4x4 and it has the standard farm R1 tires . The...
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    canopy recommendations

    Who has the best , reasonable , canopy top for my MX5200 ? Get me the pros of the one you recommend ! Thanks in advance !
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    Rear links for sale

    I bought these telescoping rear links for my MX4700 and they are too big . Looks like they may came off of a 7040 or 7060 tractors . Comes with the adjusting arms just like in the pics . Gave 300 for them and 175 for shipping . Anyone interested in them I'll take the 300 for what I gave for them...
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    Reckon Just Gonna Have To Trade Tractors

    Looks like a man can not get telescoping arms and adjustable links for a MX4700 tractor ! Talked to two dealers , and like everyone else , their parts guys are either new and can't help me or dumber than a box of rocks and don't know what I'm talking about . My 2012 MX4700 came with NON...
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    telescoping draft links

    Anyone have a good lead for some telescoping draft links to fit a MX4700 ? Used or new ? I assume that other size Kubota's would work or exchange as long as the models were close in HP .
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    WTB extendable lower link arms

    Looking for some extendable lower link arms for a MX4700 If anyone has any for sale or may point me in a direction to purchase some .
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    Kubota bucket leaks

    Seems Kubota has a problem with bucket dump leak downs just as my Kubota LA844 . Also , have you noticed that the bucket doesn't have the power or strength when you roll/curl it back ? Mine is very weak on roll back and should be it's strongest thing/point on the loader . All this is on a...