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    Anyone using the Self-leveling loader on a CUT?

    Just like the tile says, I’m trying to find information from anyone using the Kubota MSL on a B01 or LX tractor? I’m intrigued by what a game changer it is for pallet forks, but can t find much info from anyone who has one about the bucket trade offs. I’m expecting a curl capacity reduction...
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    B2601 Ready for delivery!

    I placed my order for a B2601 with a backhoe, 42" LP pallet forks, 54" LP box blade, 3rd function and LP grapple at the end of December. I just got a call from the dealer that everything but the grapple is in! I almost feel silly being this excited. Estimate for the grapple is sometime...
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    Getting More Orange in My Life

    1st post! Just placed my order for a B2601 with a BH, box blade, LP grapple and pallet forks. Now the waiting begins. The dealer has the tractor and box blade. Everything else will be trickling in over the next few months. Lots of time to read and make plans.