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    Cheap way to add a blue tooth radio to a kubota cab tractor

    For what its worth, here is where I bought the plug for my radio. They are out of stock right now but they are only $3.49 when they have them.
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    It was delivered last Friday...

    Congratulations! You will enjoy the new ride. :)
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    MSRP of Land Pride RCR1884

    What is the differences between the RCF and RCR models? I know one has the supports below and the other above but outside of that I don't see much difference.
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    L4240HST Noise

    Do some HST models have a clutch?
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    Disc harrows

    I use a set of disc harrows along with a drag harrow. It works well for me over a tiller because we have very rocky soil so I'm not as concerned with broken tiller tines or other issues. In some areas were the ground is a bit harder I find that I have to make more than one pass to get the...
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    L 3400 hydraulic pressure increase

    Possibly an interesting discussion. Are you looking to increase the pressure? Are you experience a sudden increase in pressure? Maybe just a little more detail would be beneficial to your topic. Enjoy!
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    Kubota B, L, etc. oil

    To each their own but I am always confused by these oil/filter/other consumables for tractors/cars/trucks/motorcycles etc. With prices for everything these days being what they are (everything is high) why not just buy the Kubota branded lubricants and filters and know that the exact...
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    Tractor Joy ride

    Absolutely. The key words in your post are "when I drive my 7100". Its your tractor enjoy it. Do what you like with it. Just because its a tool doesn't mean it can't be fun as well. Enjoy!
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    Washing machine shot craps

    I've had great luck with both LG and Maytag. We had a great set of Maytag washer/dryers but we moved and gave them to a neighbor. Replaced them with a set from LG at the new home. Very happy with them. Hope you are able to find something you will enjoy. :)
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    Loaders' first job !

    Excellent! Enjoy the new toy :)
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    Pallet Forks for Kubota LX3310??

    Not sure what pallet forks to recommend for your LX3310. For price comparison I purchased LANDPRIDE PFL2042 forks early last year for $895 from my local dealer. However, with price increases across the board and increases in steel prices I would definitely assume they would cost much more...
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    tooth grind angle on post hole auger

    Keep in mind that if you are below the equator that the angle has to be the reverse. :) Good luck, hope it all works out well for you.
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    Chime in if you're waiting on a loader.

    I feel for you folks. I remember waiting for stuff last year. Fingers crossed for all of you that these items arrive soon. Good luck, stay safe & healthy
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    What is this wire harness and connector for? Grand L Series

    I am assuming this is a tractor you are looking to or have purchased. Just a heads up, you will find a few wiring plugs around the tractor that are used for optional accessories that can be added. Depending on how your tractor is delivered these plugs will either be in use or just laying there...
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    What is this wire harness and connector for? Grand L Series

    Its hard to tell from the picture but it appears to be the connection for the optional rear window defogger kit (L8340).
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    Winter in New Mexico

    Great photo! Stay warm, safe and healthy. :)
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    Anyone else get excited about snow?

    Getting excited about snow? I haven't seen bare ground since before Thanksgiving. We have had at least a foot on the ground for weeks. Hope it goes well for you and you are able to get out and enjoy some winter tractor time. :) Enjoy!
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    L4701 Trailer

    If you are able and willing, buying some tools and doing the service yourself is much easier and a lot less expensive than a trailer you will probably not use very often. If a trailer is where you are heading though, look into renting a trailer for when you need it. Much cheaper to let someone...
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    Thoughts on tire chains

    I'm curious what the thoughts on tire chains are. Now that I have my first tractor and we live in an area that gets a fair amount of snow (up to a few feet) I'd like to use the tractor to move snow. However, last time I got a little nervous about sliding and traction in the snow. I made it...
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    Greased the FEL today...

    Or maybe gift yourself one of these...