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  1. Muzzy

    Ballast box

    Thanks troops, installed Ballast Box shortly after purchased last year, traded in B2601, there is a few stones in the front tires I missed..
  2. Muzzy

    Ear Candy...

    Round 2 Colter Wall - Sleeping on the Balcktop
  3. Muzzy

    rear wheel spacers

    I run 1.5" Wheel Spacers, purchased from Kubota, work great.
  4. Muzzy

    Ballast box

    Ballast Box a must with Forks, especially heavy or extended loads, darn good in winter also for traction pushing snow
  5. Muzzy

    Ballast box

    Ballast Box is a must with Forks, especially so with heavy or extended loads, darn good for traction also when pushing snow.
  6. Muzzy

    B2650 wheel spacers

    I run with 1.5" wheel spacers on my B2650. Purchases directly from dealer.
  7. Muzzy

    Transmission overfilled

    Who knows what the heck was in there, start fresh, drain all fluids & replace filters.
  8. Muzzy

    Who has R14 tires?

    R14's arrived, Front 23.5x8.5- 12, Rear 14-17.5 NHS. Good Looking Skins, but small, especially the front. Very disappointed in the size of these tires, look puny on a B2650. Working on loading a picture, right now it shows up larger than the actual tire
  9. Muzzy

    My first 50 hr maintenace

    I change all fluid & filters at the 50 hour service.
  10. Muzzy

    B2650HSD w/ mid mount mower

    Used to cut grass with B2650 & RFM. Recently picked up a Z421 Zero Turn Mower, much lighter for wet areas, turns on a dime & cuts in half the time.
  11. Muzzy

    Who has R14 tires?

    Exactly, saw the R14's on a B2601 in the shop, too small for B2650. Will post pics & sizes when they arrive.
  12. Muzzy

    Who has R14 tires?

    Have a set of R14's on order for B2650, not sure of size, but they are definitely larger than those for the B2601.
  13. Muzzy

    Anyone getting the fever yet?

    Doesn't get much better, every year freezers are full.
  14. Muzzy


    Prefer Overtime over Straight Time
  15. Muzzy


    R3's work good for my tasks, next year R14's are supposed to be available for the B2650, may get a set then..
  16. Muzzy

    Ear Candy...

    Cream - Sunshine of our Love CSNY- Almost Cut my Hair Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild The Band - The Weight
  17. Muzzy

    Talk about BS

    In the early 70's my buddy told me, 'Garbage is the Future', he has done extremely well since then in that business..
  18. Muzzy

    My1st tractor

    Congrats, nice machine.. I had a B2601, great rig.. the B2650 is a good fit for me now..
  19. Muzzy

    B2601 vs B2650

    No need to be nervous, no looking back, once you put her to work, all will be good.
  20. Muzzy

    How much grease for loader?

    Do Not think you can over grease, clean flow of grease, every 10hrs, wipe down excess, works for me..